I dont know what to do about this. ive been falling for my boss who is 33 and i am 20. ive known him for 3 years, and i fall harder each day. he recently gave me his number and we talk constantly. we are so much alike, have so much in common. he hits on me all the time. other employee’s notice it and have said something to me about it. the work enviornment we have everyone is very close. does anybody think this is wrong? i mean, it feels so right to me. we are going to the movies tomorrow and i dont kknow if i should make a move, or let him do it. he talks about making a move but then takes it back in a smooth sort of way. im so confused on all this. i just need some feedback/advice, i think it would help alot. anyone who has something ignorant to say about it, dont waste your time.

(Screen) Name: notsowonderful