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I needed to vent .

Okaay, so I needa talk to someone . Well, I was dating this boy for like.. Almost 7 months. Everything was perfect. I thought he was the one; I could picture us raising our kids together & stuff .-. Yenoo' the type of things you think when you're in love. Okay, but this is what [...]

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I love her

Dearest Alyssa Reimer, I'll always love you! Oliver(Screen) Name: Patrick English

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i am 18 going on 19 years-old and all my life i have attracted many BEAUTIFUL woman. my father had alot of girlfriends b4 he passed and the same is expected for me but unfortunatly growing up without a father i have failed to explor my manly capabilities and am now an 18 year-old virgin. [...]

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I have never told anyone this, but I have been in a relationship with a guy for 2 1/2 years now and have been having sex with a guy at my work. (literally at my work) HAHAHA. It is very exciting cause we are the only ones who know. We can have sex in a [...]

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I dont know what to do about this. ive been falling for my boss who is 33 and i am 20. ive known him for 3 years, and i fall harder each day. he recently gave me his number and we talk constantly. we are so much alike, have so much in common. he hits [...]

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Long story…

Its a long story,... Don't even know how to start..start in the middle.. I just recently got back from another country like last year. I did have a bf there, yes I did love him very much, but when I came back in here. I been thinking about leaving him, I don't know if because [...]

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Man I love

I am a 22 year old single mom, living with friends, and at work there is this man, he is 36, turning 37 in a few months,... Well, i don't know what happened, but from the first time I laid my eyes on him I was totally in love, couldn't stop thinking bout him, always [...]

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I’m a first timer MISTRESS…

I've been a good girlfriend in 6 years relationship with my boyfriend, but I just woke up and realized one that I'm cheating... I've been involved with a married police man which I called DAD... He's 7 years older than me. He became my customer in my shop, that's how I met him! Even I [...]

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