i am 18 going on 19 years-old and all my life i have attracted many BEAUTIFUL woman. my father had alot of girlfriends b4 he passed and the same is expected for me but unfortunatly growing up without a father i have failed to explor my manly capabilities and am now an 18 year-old virgin. i am very embarissed and very lonely. i am an attractive handsom young man i have been told too many times. i have 110% respect for woman for i have grown up around females and still do. i am in collage in the bx,ny and have my priorities set. i am a nice guy so ive heard also too many times. i do what im supose to do but cannot live up to my expectations. yes it does drive me crazy to be a virgin because i know i am a good lover and i cannot go on a day without wanting to embrace the true beauty of the woman. i try to stay sane i really do. iv tried to ignor it, go for it, wait for it, and to except it but it is a huge distraction for me. i walk on the streets and see the most beautiful girl in the arms of the most corniest and dickheaded guy and it leaves me to ask my self; this guys can go on the streets kill god knows how many guys beat up how many guys or he can be the biggest ass whole in ny dressing in tight clothes like a girl with his pants saggin and he still gets the girl wile i watch. he can even be the most geekiest person and still a know it all asswhole and still get the girl. i begin to think im curse can somebody tell me something i dont know?

(Screen) Name: hoeluva