I’m a white Christian woman who met a man from the Middle East online. First we communicated through emails, then on the phone and finally we met in person. . The thing is, we fell in love before meeting in person the first time. He is the kindest, smartest, funniest guy I have ever been with and I love him.
When we met in person, it was like we just knew we were meant for each other. Yes I’m Christian and he is Muslim. We had talked about some of the big issues that often come up with interfaith couples and I became extremely comfortable with him. He asked me to marry him, I said yes, and about 5 weeks later we got married.
The problem is one that is also typical for interfaith couples. My family, parents in particular, do not approve at all. Unfortunately , my financial situation is one in which I have to live with them with my youngest child for the time being. I am 34 years old and capable of deciding who the right man is for me.
They know I am seeing him. But they don’t know I eloped with him. I thought it would be easy to keep this a secret until I was ready to reveal it, but I find that it really isn’t.
I am not ashamed of him and me, in fact I want the world to know about us. But I do have this fear that if I do say something now, things could go bad for me. But I needed to get this off my chest.. I hate the judgements that I know will be coming with the confession, and the guilt trips laid at my feet. But part of me is dying to just get it over with and out of the way.

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