I have been involved with a man, who is tall, handsome, sexy, and really knows how to satisfy a woman! He has the charm, the cute smile, the intelligence, and the security he gives when you are in his arms. This man, is so good at what he does, it’s insane. I feel he has me under a spell. This affair started 8 months ago…we started spending so much time together, morning hello’s, great afternoon conversations, late night sexting. Most of all, he makes me laugh, and we have things in common from humor to wants. He spoils me, makes me feel loved, secure and gives me the great feeling of comfort. He is there when I need someone to cheer me up, a shoulder to cry on and someone to share great news to. He listens gives me advice and shares his personal experiences. He has watched me grow into a mature adult(which, I am still in progress) he has pushed me to do my best at things, inspires me, motivates me. This man has become my best friend. The passion is amazing between the two of us. He fulfills me sexual desires, and leave me with the anticipation of wanting him more. He has become like a drug. I know I don’t need him but I want him. I have fallen in love with this man. I have spent many years looking for someone just like him. He is a hard working man, the type of man you are proud of and you want to bring him home to your family. He is strong, passionate, kind, patient, giving, and humble. He is everything a woman would want. So, here is the deepest secret of all….He is my boss, a married man. Now, he did seem too good to be true, right? He has been there for me in ways no other man has. Of course, I know where this ends, it always ends with just an affair to remember. No future, No family, just emptiness and heartbroken. But, it becomes a memory that will be kept secretly ingrained in your heart. I will forever, remember him and carry him in my heart. I have come to realize, that this type of man doesn’t exist, we just believe what we want and see what we want and that is always what is in our best interest. Unfortunately, he is my manager where I work at, and I see him everyday, we don’t even have our own office, we sit right next to each other, and spend the day laughing, touching, talking and of course working…it seems so great! But, the sad part is that, it is not fair to his wife, not fair to me. And I go home alone at the end of each day and he goes home to his wife he can’t stand. I am a good person with a good heart. I am also giving, kind, loving and I have a lot to give. I am funny,I make mistakes, I laugh at my own jokes, I am clumsy and I love “Love”. Why is it so hard to meet someone that is not so complicated? Life is not fair but, it sure is fun while we are in the moments of hot passionate sex and with good company. Oh, how I wish life was a lot more simple sometimes.

(Screen) Name: Miss Lovely