I am an exhibitionist. It all started when I was in eighth standard. We used to live in a three storey building. I had just found out the pleasures of masturbation. I didn’t have access to the internet so I had to rely on FTV and other English channels for my sexual entertainment. I used to patiently wait for my parents to go out on some errands. Once I was sure that they won’t be back for an hour or two, I would get naked and switch on the TV and tune in to the English channels. I used to be so horny that even I could get off on even a kissing or partially nude scene. I used to roam the entire length and breadth of the house stark naked. After a while,  when this started getting boring, I decided to take the thrill up a notch by trying to get out of my house naked. I would first wear something and then go outside to check if my neighbors were at home. When I was sure that they weren’t, I would slowly sneak out in the hallway in just my towel. After spending a few minutes getting confident, I would remove my towel and walk around naked. Slowly I expanded my area and started to access the terrace and stood there naked for few minutes before returning back to my room. This went on for a while, before we moved to a new place. The new house was an independent one with proper boundaries surrounding it. I spent the first few days surveying the neighborhood and studying my neighbors. Once I got the first chance alone, I restarted my activities; standing stark naked in my verandah or terrace, all the while feeling nervous as well as excited. The experience and the tension was pure magic. The feeling that someone might be watching you in your naked glory was what got me excited and horny. After standing outside for a while, I would come inside and quickly jerk off. Sometimes when I was very horny, I would eat my cum. I was thin at that time and bit flexible too; once or maybe twice I even managed to lick and suck my own dick. It was one of the most awesome moment of my life. These activities however slowly dwindled as I grew older. Now I live in a different city away from my parents. Once or twice, when I am alone in a deserted area, I would make sure to strip and jerk off and sometimes if I am lucky,  I would be caught in my act my unsuspecting strangers who  would quickly turn away and pretend that they didn’t see anything. I know what I do is wrong but still….