I love my husband, I really do. He is absent and I am lonely. I have started to seek comfort from another and although I feel guilty I am also struggling with lusting after the other man.

It started off quite innocent but has slowly but surely gotten to a point where I find myself fantasizing about him. He is fully aware ane we’re both rebelling in the others attention.

I haven’t been married for long but I never thought of myself as an unhappy spouse. I feel as if this could end up wrecking both of our families. Yet, I can’t seem to end the late night chats, tiptoeing around sexual fantasies and the innocent thoughts about what he’s doing and whether he’s with his wife but thinking of me.

I never wanted this but I can’t, no won’t stop. He makes me feel so beautiful. We have a lot in common and our chemistry is off the charts.

I never wanted to be the other woman.


But here I am.