We are in true love till 10 month as I fell. But one time we a lot of discussion about her past and I used some bad word for her bcoz still she showing her past many years living relations couple pictures in her friend’s facebook. She sent me relationship request to me but I keep it pending because in her friend’s facebook circle there are a lot of her picture with ex bf like they are couple and wife/husband. And wait to accept it when she delete everything bcoz I also wanna to show her in my circle too. So many times I told her if u can’t remove these things I can’t accept it. And many time we had a lot of discussion about these pictures. But she told she can’t remove it because “she doesn’t know her friends facebook password”. Even they are her best and close friends.

Same time she got good financially opportunities with new man. He offer part job with good salary and new room for living inside his living apartment in free of cost. Even she was the permanent employee in repopulate international organization. And she went go with new man bcoz of money ( I think it) and end the relation with me suddenly within 4/5 days. But I was unknown about it and living in another place. I fell something different about her communication and one day I ask about it. But she didn’t inform me anything.

But it was important for me to know about the fact. So one day I made the fake plan and warning her if she don’t inform me the fact I will misuse her facebook ( we share our facebook passwords) and she really fear and tell everything about the relation with new man. New man was her patient son and came from aboard for treatment in her hospital. And she told me he is rich man and wanna to love and care me, so she went with him. And start to live his building and beginning for relax life with him. I was stocked It happened within 1 week

After ending relation with me till 2 month, she didn’t pick up my call and didn’t reply of my any message. Sometime I just wanna to talk and listen her voice but she never talk and reply. I was very upset and painfully but she never look toward me. So sometime, I use rude and bad words again.

But after 2/3 month later she contacts me in skype and I asked about her life. She informed me that she can’t be happy with new man for future life. He only take care her that time. I don’t know what is the exact reason but I fell now she is not satisfied with new man for long term relation. Right now she is on my communication by webcam from few days. In past I had 100% trust and believe on it. I think she is honest and to whom I can trust.

But now how I can believe and trust on her. Once if we lost the trust it was very hard to recover again and sometime impossible. What should I need to do?
• Forget her from my life
• Just continue communication like past
• Just behave as normal friend( which is impossible)
• Forgive her ( why forgive her . I am not her 1st love. She is experienced)
Please I kindly request to advise me. Because of my story I was disturbed in my life and study too. I want to final it. I need ur suggestion plz sothat I can strong on my decision. In past, I think she loves me more then I love her. Now is this true after you knowing my story?
Plz plz advice me.

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