Two months ago I broke up with my partner of 4 years for multiple reasons eg: the relationship grew stale, the sex was boring, he tried to change me and hated the way I looked..

Before i left my partner I met a man who was twice my age and instantly connected! We were purely friends and I never cheated on my partner at the time.

I left my partner weeks after meeting this man, we met up for drinks and obviously one thing led to another and it was amazing!! Two months on we are still seeing eachother but Im beginning to think about the future and it is a scary prospect because 1. Im 21 and he is 41 and 2. He works in the Army! Before meeting this man my 2 big no no’s in a relationship were someone who was in the army and someone who was much older but for some reason everything I thought I didnt want is exactly what I now have and he is amazing! Oh forgot to mention he is being deployed back out to Afghan next year..

Need honest opinions!!

(Screen) Name: Bettsy