We were in 6 years relation. It was totly honest and lovely relation from both the ends. We both never had an ex its was our first love. But dont no what gone wrong in her mind . She suddenly told me ” i dont feel for you anymore” i askd her reasons but she has no clue. M madly in love with her we dreamed togeather many things . We wer totly attachd with each othr. Sometimes we had small or big fights but it was all missunderstanding which all relation has. She is like i want freedom and i want to be selfish now for myslf nd my life. She killd me frm indise m helpless i dont know what to do please help me i want her back . I neve stpd her freedom i just cared a lot all the time. In her every bday i use to fire a crackers dwn to her home. On this 11th feb we just completed 6yrs nd on 15th she broked up.