I fell in love with you December 1 2016 every scene that day I have tried my hardest to get your attention and hopefully start something. Eventually it did but not much I had your attention I was trying my hardest to keep it. I would hug you play with you and cuddle as much as I could but yet that didn’t work. I asked you out but you said no because we were going to different high schools as a excuse. I still don’t know if you just didn’t want to go out with me or if it actually was because we were going to different school. I just know after that we still liked each other but that slowly started to disappear. I love you, your personality, your looks your body, everything you though was ugly about you I loved. When I had you I called you beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, you name it I called you it. You said “stop you don’t mean that stuff” and every time I said yes I do and you know I do. But me giving you my everything still wasn’t enough, you said in trying to get over you because we can’t be together and I was trying my hardest to not have that happen but yet I failed. I realize it when it was to late. You had moved on from me and started to develop feeling for a guy you had feelings for in the pass. When I found out I was broken and nothing but you could put me back together but you. I cried and became depressed I just wanted you. But then you told him, you had feelings for him and you and him took off from there. I acted like I didn’t care, I acted like I didn’t like you anymore. You and him soon started to date and ever time I saw you hug him, kiss him, leave what we were doing just to go hang out with him I cried a little I act like I don’t care and I think you know I do care. You notice I didn’t like what I saw and you stopped talking to me. Ever time I saw you at school I talked to you I had fun with you but you didn’t, there was something bothering you about me. I went home I would text you, call you but never got a answer until one day you just let me back in. To you I am considering a best friend, You are my love and I can’t change that. You loved me as a friend but I love you more then that. Your still dating him and I’m still watching you love him. I’ve had nights I just couldn’t Handle nights I have considered ending it all but I have pulled myself through because of you. You knew I was having problems and you would talk to me help me calm down. I’ve always hoped one night you would say you still feel the same but it hasn’t happened. I’m hoping you will, I’m not much of a religious person but I have prayed, and wish that moment would happen but it hasn’t. I hope the day I can sit there and hug you for a hour can comeback for us to cuddle again. To your boyfriend now June 13 2017. He can go fuck himself. I just want you I have never been in love with anyone but you and I want you to be the same. I guess in some way I’m better then him because you still come to me to comfort you, to help you and you know you mean everything to me, I would give up everything for you, I would protect you with my life. I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you and if someone tried I would stop them. Unlike your boyfriend now that wouldn’t know what to do when a situation happens. I love you and that’s all I can say. I would do anything for you.