When I was 16, I was sleeping over at my best friend’s house. We would have sleepovers fairly regularly since neither of us had girlfriends and we would end up gaming until late, so we often figured we may as well stay.


This one particular night, we had been allowed a couple of beers with dinner (which had gone straight to my head). Skip the boring bits, we were both in separate beds, sipping on beers and watching good old Babestation, on his TV in his room. I was feeling horny and was rubbing myself under my duvet. I could clearly see he was doing the same.


The night goes on, we flick between channels and land on a full-frontal channel. This sent me over the edge. By this point, I had my pants down and was jacking off, still under the duvet. My friend had been doing the same and before long he jumped out of his bed, saying he needed to wank, but without me seeing. (I was a bit disappointed!). Hiding his cock, he moved to the floor at the end of my bed out of view. More time goes on and I’m honestly getting off to the sound of him wanking more than Babestation.


Being cramped at the foot of my bed, it wasn’t long before he said that he was too squashed and needed to stretch his legs to be able to cum. He casually stood up, cock in hand and sat at the end of my bed, legs stretched, and continued wanking.


That was the first time I’d ever seen an erect penis in real life and god did it get me going. I had to hold back from jumping over and sucking on it.


I was also feeling a little restricted by the duvet so I rolled it down and released my own cock. Anyway, fast forward, we found ourselves sat right next to each other, wanking. I remember thinking it was funny to try and sync our hands to match our wanking rhythm.


I was always pretty curious about touching another guy’s dick so I asked if I could wank him for a bit (which, to my absolute surprise, he agreed too). He even returned the favour. It was nice. He had a really big cock, in fact, it was quite famous amongst the girls at school. I had seen him soft and even then it was big.


Anyway, long story short, he finished before me and seemed to have absolutely no control of where it all landed. There was a shit load as well. I counted over 9 shots.


Since I was sat next to him, I was hit a couple of times with a few spurts that landed on my leg and arm.


He found it hilarious, I found it hot. When he was reaching for his tissues, I scraped some of his cum from my thigh and smeared it over the head of my cock. The ‘lubey’ sensation made me cum instantly.


We cleaned up and went to sleep. Joke about it from time to time, but nothing has happened since. Not a particularly hard-core story, but a story none the less.