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My best friend and I have had threesomes, now and then, with her boyfriend. Just recently he put the moves on me and tried to kiss me knowing that I was drunk & feeling depressed. Although, that is NOT an excuse for me because I know I had full responsibility in this, it still remains [...]

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Hatred Lead to the Great Friendship of my Life

An introvert & short tempered person by nature, always believed in having quality friends around me rather than quantity....When i was in skool i was a book freak & very protective about my books.. i had a neighbor who lived opposite to my building who studied in my same school in da same grade but [...]

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oh no…he read it

of all crazy things to happen...I wrote a blog about my best friend who is married, and guess what....the little ass read it! Long story short I literally had to wrestle him to try to stop him, and he still read it! He promised me his wife will never know...but it didnt solve the problem [...]

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I have a boyfriend but i’m falling for my best friend

I have a boyfriend for more that 4 years. Everything seemed fine until my friend and I became close. We talk a lot, spend much time toghether, we go out. I feel that i'm becoming attracted to my friend, and the love for my boyfriend is fading. I'm not sure if i love him or [...]

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Shouldn’t happen…

I love this guy, he says he loves me back. He is 21 I am 15. He also has a girlfriend. It shouldn't happen but I want it to soo bad. (Screen) Name: Falloutgirl

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What To Do?? Plz Reply Quickly

I jus confessed to my boyfriend after a year that while we were broken up i had sex with someone else. He asked me about it once and i lied to him i felt so bad but then i jus went ahead and told the truth now he is really mad for me lying and [...]

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I am 31 years, married twice and 4 boys. I have never been in real love. 5 years ago I fall for my brother in law that I never met before and end up having sex with him. But, he has a best friend that I met before I move with my brother in law. [...]

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Best friend

I'm in love with my best friend even though he has I girlfriend I want him to be mine I feel guilty because his girlfriend is my friend but im also in love with him and i recently met my best friends friend and im starting to fall for him to and i love them [...]

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