hi..im girl 19 years old..i have a boyfriend i love him so much..and i know dat he love me also,.,.but im in prone of jealousy..im not easily get jealous before..but when im with him now i reli wander if he reli love me becoz when somebody text him he dont want me to read even we are just in one sweet home..sometimes i feel like he hide something from me ..i also wander why his phone has a pasword then i cannot open it..i trust him but sometimes there is something played on my mine dat it could not feel me good..i reli love him so much even we think about marriage this year,.but he has a lot of past..he has so many girls before and im not sure if now is same or not>?
when we are in bed when we talked i reli feel his love..even outside when we go together in romantic place..he is so sweet..but in my mine think dat i feel he reli hide me something..i dont know what was it?
he told me he dont like i get jealous easily..i want to be with him always and i want to make sure that only me he love..one time when we watch tv somebody text him..i dont mine but when i want to see he dont want me to see it..and when i said its ok..the girl text again and this time i see the screen name of the girl..i felt jealous because i know this girl he had relation before..i wander why they keep contacting each other.i ask about it..he said coz of business matters,.he said he used this girl..but i feel pity myself..he said he used this,,,does he just used me also?i dont know what to do…plz help me…

(Screen) Name: crazy_jalousy_confused girl