Nothing Or No One Is Worth Compromising Your Relationship With God. Having A Relationship With God Is Just As Real As Having A Relationship With Your Boyfriend. Only Guess What? God Loves You Way More Than Him! It’s The Truth… I’m 24yrs old & Ive Made Some Terrible Mistakes In My Life. Just Like You I’ve Been So Deeply In Love With Boyfriends That I did Anything For Them. I Too Am A Now Devoted Christian, But Back Then… I Even Went As Far As Getting Pregnant For One Guy When I Knew I didn’t Want Any Kids & Guess What He Left Me High & Dry. Unfortunately My baby died. However, The Truth of The Matter Is That Not A Single Person on This Earth Can Complete You Like Jesus Christ Can. Stand Up Girl & BE A BRIDE OF CHRIST! Stop Giving This Boy Your Body!!!! If He Loved You, He Would Respect Your Wishes & Wait To Marry You. Trust Me When I say This, At Your Age, He Is Not Serious And He Is Not Thinking About Getting Married. He’s Thinking About He’s Next Way Of “Hitting It”. What I would Suggest For You To Do Is Separate Yourself From Seeing Him, Stand Strong In Your Beliefs Of Waiting For Sex B4 Marriage. Then Lastly, Move On To Another Guy. After all, the best way to get over one guy is to find another one… Join a Site Like E-Harmony Where You Can Actually Find A Christian Man Who Is Willing To Wait For Sex. & Yes that is one of there pre-screening questions. I Usually Don’t Respond To People’s Comment’s That I Find On Random Websites, So I Hope You Take My Words To Heart.

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