So for about a year I fancied this boy, I think Im in love but Im not sure :/ Well I really like him, I think about him all the time, when ever I see him I get butterflies (Serious ones)…

It all started a year ago, I met him, he sat next to me in a park, we started talking, then he added me on facebook, we talked more, we saw eachother a couple of times and everything, but for some reason we stopped talking…I didn’t see him at all!

Then about 4 months ago I saw him again, I didn’t want to speak to him because I wasn’t sure if he remembered me…His friends were mates with my friends and he sat right infront of me, I just couldn’t look at him because I would get SUPER butterflies…When I got home I had a messege from him saying ‘Where was my hug and hello? ;D ‘ And that’s when we started to talk again, he flirted and I must admitt I was flirt aswell, we met a couple of times, he kept on winking and me, and whistling when ever he saw me, we talked more and more everyday, but just in one day ( About a month ago) We stopped talking AGAIN! He still whistles sometimes, and when he sees me he looks back everytime, but when I write on facebook he doesn’t answer…I think I love him, I cryed a couple of times…I want to forget about him and just let him go but my friend said, before you let go, remember why you kept on trying for this long :/ I’m not sure what to do…Some people say he likes me but I haven’t got the guts to ask him…Should I let go or keep trying :/? PLEASE HELP..

(Screen) Name: Helpless.