well my current boyfriend has been going back and forth with me and his ex and its really having me think if i am just his rebound girl. i resently found out that he has been texting his ex girlfriend frequently and has been telling her things that he has never once told me. Once i confronted him about him he said she was a mistake and he has not talked to her since their break up then i sooned found out he was lieing. like i would of been like its ok just dont let it happen again but instead he lied so that makes me think is he doing the same thing still or is he telling the truth i want to believe him but i dont know if i can ever bring myself to trust him again. And i feel bad because he tries his hardest to earn my trust back but i dont think i would ever bring myself to ever believe him again. Am i doing the right thing? should i stay or should i go? I know only i have the key to my future and everything but i dont want to make the wrong choice and regret it for the rest of my life! i think i am done with all this pain.

(Screen) Name: alone