I never thought I will fall in love to an attractive ,a very intelligent and humble guy. Way back then, when I was grade 7. I have classmate name Jink. The first time i laid my eyes on him, i know i’m attracted to him. Until one day , one of my classmate use my phone because she will text someone then after a while there is someone texted on me and it is unknown number. Then I ask ” who are you?” then he answer “Jink..”. Then our love story started their. I have a bestfriend Yla and Yan. They are myclose friend. One day i didn’t expect what my bffs did. They ask to borrow my phone because they will text someone . Tommorow i ask why he didnt text at me and i was shocked of his ans. ” i thought we broke up”. i try to explained to him but he is deaf to hear it. And after so many years i’m still in love to him.