Here I want to write my Love-fling-story.

I am a girl at the age of 27 years, At the age of 22year I madly fell in love with My Teacher , She was outstanding, gorgeous,breathtakingly beautiful. I was in the second semester I even didn’t know that it is just a fling or attraction or any kind of serious love shit. She lived at the same hostel which was allotted to us. I never ever get the chance to talk to her actually everybody thinks that she is bloody egotistical and eccentric person. She didn’t talk student outside from the classroom etc. Anyway, I was just happy by seeing her  in corridors, another class room , teacher rooms etc. I never very eager to talk to her actually I get nervous when I see her, she was a perfect woman of any bodies. She was in her 28 or 29 years , with sharp and edgy figure and a beautiful face which is adorable. She has a huge fan following and I am one of them.

One lucky day the announcement was done that all the second-semester girls have to meet in the room number 205 for discussion of the annual festival. After finishing our meal all the hostel girl of the second semester gather downstair and I was way behind from them because I didn’t like the festival,dance,singing etc. When every body stuffed in that room I was standing at the door line I just don’t want to listen what the seniors want to say. I was standing at the minute later I heard the sound which was a bit familiar my heart was started to pound I managed some gap and able to saw that the women of my dream is to sit on the right angle to me I was shocked that the room was her . Again I don’t have anything to say on that discussion that why i remain to hide in the crowd . The d- day came and i have some responsibility like anchoring and some small role in play. In the preparation of the annual fest I came to know her little more , we had some discussion regarding my role in fest. As I was one of my sems topper so I was known   by faculty members. She treated me nicely and I was like over the cloud that she talks me so nicely and i was not sure why every second person doesn’t like her.  However, I was enjoying my portion of getting notice by the Teacher . I like when she talks, I get nervous when she touched me , I like that she convey all the message via me . After completing the second semster and in result i was the topper and luckily the same teacher was not allotted for teaching one subject. And I get special attention as every topper get . She talks me , She also like when i asked something to her, In one word we were become sort of friends . She sometimes kissed on my chicks (as my friends say I am kinda cute).

It all started at the day, We had an agreement that at the end of day i will meet her and We will share how the day goes and what we should or could did. One particular day I was got late and reached in her room her room was lock from inside I knocked and after sometime she opened the door and she was angry at me. I was trying to uplift her and in that way, i kissed her chicks , forehead , chin and nearby area of ears . She was very angry at that time I was trying to my level best to uplift her . She started to cry and i was not able to understand why she was crying , I hugged her and after some time she revealed me that she was in a relationship and relationship was last for 8 year and after that, the boy’s family was not convinced for their marriage  and they have to break their relation. She was very fragile at that time.I console her and I was not sure what to say and I am very bad at the wording . I only hugged her and I sleepover at that night hugging her . It was turning point in our life she finds a friend in her life and I was happy that i get her attention. It was my daily ritual to met her.

Now I was in the fourth semester, One night i won a bet and in return, she had to kissed me . I was lying on a bet and she came and kissed my chick and after she placed her lips on mine. It was so quick i didn’t get it and was silent I had no words to say anything after some time she placed her lips on mine and it was my first kiss I was not aware what I have to do but it felt nice and I don’t know where i came I started to replicate her steps and it was nice french smooch. Then suddenly she parted away and feel guilt for the act but i was hugging her from the backside.

After that day things changed we become friend with benefit, From her i learned many things and one thing is this. After two-year, she left the college and married to Man. As we both knows that our relationship has no future.

After 4 years, we broke all the contact because it was hard for me to see her in another life and she was busy in her life and I missed her badly and I don’t feel that she missed me. It creates a bad impression upon me and I don’t want to love another person. I feel that she used me as a replacement. And I have a bitter feeling for everyone . I don’t know should I clear my doubt ? or I leave my past and move forward?