Okay before anything, I’m gonna clarify certain things. This man I’m gonna confess about, is my cousin which I only started to get close to during my teenage years .My childhood is spent without him.So here goes,

2006,during my final term school holiday which is about November,i met him, my cousin for the first time in many years. I was 12 going 13 while he is 18.things were quite normal but not how cousins were normally expect to behave ard each other . pecks on the cheek , forhead.slowing becaming smooches but no sex.he was wif someone back den , so am i.this goes on a 3years.imagine aching for someone dat long!p/s we tried avoiding each other,we cant.wenever our eyes met,the sexual tension is too strong.

wen I turn 16 , That’s wen ,I don’t know how,surely because we both ant it so much,we started having sex.it was out of the world ,really.i mean  (saving the detail for another time) somehow we are not really together. we both have our partner.

Finally I got married,i stopped trying to want him .its hard.but its right.long story short,my husband cheated on me,and I called him.the first person I call.it started out innocent enuf.and then sex.this time,its different.he put me first.making me feel dat I am really with him.im still staying wif my husband den.

the woman hes with,is not our country resident,which make the son they had together not a resident of our country too since they are not married.to save that situation,the eventually tie the knot.

I was the first he told the decision to,with teary eyes….and guess wat?our affair is still going on….I am with someone now.trying to avoid him…but at times,i feel as if I’m gonna falter…..

is this love?has fate decided that we are not to be with each other?if so, why do are we having this strong feelings?????