can you hear me

i like you roll 64 ...i want to shout this to my heart's content .i don' t know if you are aware of this or not...i mean about my feelings but still.!!! still a year after passing out from the college i can' t get over it not being able to vapourize it from my heart not only heart but from whole myself..i know there is no future for us and for god's sake i just can be your partner just for few days or years .i always have a wish that if i commit to someone then i would commit for a life time.wish atleast i could just spit my feelings to you just once and i would feel like a Cotton.. bearing this pain for almost more than 5 years i feel as if i swallowed a heavy iron.i may be or lets say i am a dumb ass to spoil myself for being tight lipped. just [...]

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Is dis love or attraction

i dont know how it started bt yes it did...!! i fear to confess it to you for two reasons for u rejecting me either or i ll be breaking ur heart at a point when i could no longer go against my dad whom i love equally .during college days it may be our friends who use to pull our legs about each other...bt yes suddenly my heart made to a point where i secretly started admiring u ,waiting for the sun to rise so i could meet u nxt day in class if was a holiday i wld prompt my close friend to come to the market along wd me so that her bf could come for her though dragging u along with him...eagerly waited for festivals just to allow ur friends make a deliberate wrong call so dat we cld talk ...they wld make u drink a little as it trnd my secret benifit coz nrmly [...]

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Made A Mistake In Love & now suffering

I was in 18 , 12th class,  Smart , studious , Cricket Team captain , well behaved , Joyfull guy . I had no. of female friends , I got attracted to a girl named Geetima , she was Beautifull , studious , her smile always mesmerised me , I use to look at her turning back in the class , she was in a group of 5 girls , they use to stay together all the time , during class sessions , in break . Most of the time what use to happen was , I use to see Geetima and some other girl in her group use to watch me and start smiling and use to think like I am looking at her and not Geetima . Geetima had a friend named Shiksha , they were besties  they both use to stay together . And whenever I use to see Geetima , it seemed to evryone like [...]

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My first love

It all started when all the girls in my class were gathered around the 'player' in our grade. We were all literally around him and we were asking him who he likes because it was a certain that he really likes someone among us. We were all saying each others' name and he'd say no to every single one of them. Then came mine. When my name was called out, he looked at me in the eyes and didn't say a word. Everyone caught onto that apparently because even the class president decided to make us an official couple. As i was young and naive, i just like him because, well, he's hot. But what i realised as i got to know him a lot better that he was never  a player, i was his second girlfriend. and he was a lot more kinder than everyone thought he was. N0t just that, he's very loyal and he'd get jealous [...]

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My crush for neighbour women

i am a guy of 24 years, i am having crush on my neighbour who is married but not satisfies with her husband..... one day i was peeping from my window into her bedroom... i saw her half nude my dick got fully erect and i started jerking seeing her half nude body actually she was in bra and panty only..... i started sweating badly as i was frieghtened to get caught if she notice me peeping into her private area.... now i wanna fuck her badly..

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My story….

I am 26 years old.  When I was 19 years old, I met a guy who swept me off my feet. He was funny, good looking, and most importantly he showed a lot of interest. He was always texting me, facebook messaging, and always being romantic with me. He didn't confess his love because we were in a status of getting to know each other. He introduced me to his friend  once, he said that I feel that you two think alike so you know each other. In the beginning I thought she is a close friend, but then I found out that they were neighbors but they only communicated online. She told me to beware because he always uses his magic on girls and that he was even showing her some signs but never asked her on a date. She was expecting that he will ask her out, but then he was coming to see me at my uni but never asked her to see [...]

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Feeling twisted

I have a friend and co-worker, who is now one of my best friends and she is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Her smile lights up my world and I am sad when she isn't around. I dream of someday kissing her and telling her how much I love her, but I have several problems. One is how different our lives are, not only is she much older than me, she has children and a sort of boyfriend. I am in college and the biggest problem of all is, IM MARRIED! I do love my wife, but I have to confess I love my friend more than I love my wife! I may be a terrible person, but this is how I feel and it is tearing me appart. That is a summary of my confession.

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Blushing secret

My confession is that I have an embarrassing secret.  I totally love giving blowjobs!   I am a straight guy and am in a relationship with a wonderful girl.   I am not gay and do not want to be in a romantic  relationship with a guy at all.  I don't want to kiss a guy or hold hands with him.  I don't want to receive a blowjob from a guy, I just want to give him a blowjob. My girlfriend has no idea that I periodically get together with a random guy so I can suck him off.  I am not sure why I feel the urge to suck cocks, but sometimes it is a very powerful craving.  I would be so embarrassed if people knew.

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She left me without any reasons

We were in 6 years relation. It was totly honest and lovely relation from both the ends. We both never had an ex its was our first love. But dont no what gone wrong in her mind . She suddenly told me " i dont feel for you anymore" i askd her reasons but she has no clue. M madly in love with her we dreamed togeather many things . We wer totly attachd with each othr. Sometimes we had small or big fights but it was all missunderstanding which all relation has. She is like i want freedom and i want to be selfish now for myslf nd my life. She killd me frm indise m helpless i dont know what to do please help me i want her back . I neve stpd her freedom i just cared a lot all the time. In her every bday i use to fire a crackers dwn to her home. [...]

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I am in love with my cousin sister and we both want to get married

I am 29 years old from eastern India. We have attraction to each other from our childhood and 2 years ago we have made our relationship formal as I told her that I love her and she also confessed that She has also same feeling for me. She is my maternal grandfather’s brother’s grand daughter. I just want to know are we doing wrong?? I think there may not be any restriction on marriage like this. We don’t think that we are doing anything wrong by falling in love.. but we need others view also.

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