I met this guy three years ago he kept asking me out and I would always say if I was not married i’d be all over you when I found out my spouse was cheating I decided to give in in the the next time he approached me and did i mess up, i fell and fell hard, I never admited this to him after about four dates I stop seeing him and each time he would ask me out I would say no but my Heart and body screamed yes yes please do me. The last time I spoke with him they was happy as they were that was almost three years ago. We live in the same town and work in the same town a few miles away. We are both business owners in a ajoining town so naturally we cross path coming and going to work daily. One night on my way home a vehichle was trailing me too close for about 2 miles and then went around me and cut in front of me very sharpley it was a uncomfortable thing for me and I was going to approach him about it after I realized it was him but did not have a chance to. Since then we have met up at a resteraunt and they spoke nicely. but I can not get pass the road rage. I know we can never have a relationship but there is a attitute in the air that needs resolution I do not want to be the instulator of this descussion. I could never leave my husband even though the relationship is hollow almost without life i,m content and I belief they are in a relationship as well but there is so much tension when we see one another it is unconfortable on Christmas Eve they passed me and my husband outside of a local restruant and I said Merry Christmas and they said Merry Christmas Baby what a extreme from road rage to Merry Christmas Baby. What do you do

(Screen) Name: max

Love and Lies

I need help. Serious help before i do damage to myself. And my family. I am 18. I just want to be happy. My last relationship, I got pregnant. Forced to abort. I lied to the world and said I had gotten sick so they didnt have to know what i did. Lies went bad. I began to look like a monster. A sinner. To this day I will never forget what i have done. I throw myself to every guy who sweet talks me. I am vulnerable. I hurt myself so much. I just dont know what to do. I feel stupid for writing this. I dont know If I will even hit submit. No one will read. I feel like a monster. Like the devil. I am a bad person. A liar. A murderer. I am horrible. I am not worth to be here. The world hates me. It hates me. I just have no idea anymore i just dont know. I have lied so much in my life. Ome lie makes a whole lot others. Idk how to change. I need to change now. But I need help.

(Screen) Name: Grisselle


i don’t understand love. i never confess this thing and now i feel i m alone . my all friends have bf but i m still single …many guys proposed me but i simply rejected them because i m too confused whether 2 go in a relationship or not …. but i hope any guy who is nice wid pure heart will come then i will say yes untill my love story will not begin…..

(Screen) Name: search

New Role for Me

Well, how do I start. I went to work for this new company, it was a closer to home so I took the job. My boss is way older than me, seemed like a nice enough guy, and we seemed to share a lot of similar attitudes about life, work, etc.

Well in time, I started to become like his personal assistant, like I managed his appointments and schedules, and his personal and business things. Not his secretary, me. I had to make sure he left in the evening, or he would stay at work to who knows when, I made sure he went to lunch, which pretty much meant I took him to lunch. I ordered, and mostly we shared a meal between us.

I admit, I got close, and we shared almost everything, it was like I was his wife at work. I managed his check book, and his life, as well as I could. It was a big responsibility, he is an important man and is very wealthy. I found myself in total control of his finances, he trusted me completely.

One day I recognized that there was no space between us, I mean I touched him a lot and he touched me a lot, and he hugged me and I just leaned into him. It was a getting real close. I lost all interest in my husband, I just got totally cold towards him. I found that I wanted the warmth of my boss.

One night, as I was getting him to shut down to leave and go home, he just told me he loved me, and I looked up at him and told him I loved him too. He took me and kissed me, and I nearly fell. I couldn’t hardly stand, and he had to hold me up, and I just grabbed his neck and pressed myself against him so hard my boobs hurt.

So he told me that he had decided to make me his woman. That I was his woman all day, and that I should be his woman at night as well. So he took me to the company apartment, and he did me, and I just gave in completely. When he was done, he said kind of matter of fact like, that now I belonged to him. I looked at him, like did I hear what he said, that I belonged to him, like a car or house or what. I belonged to him?

Well where am I now. I am separated, I am his full time lover (he still gets to keep his wife), I manage his life completely, I buy his underwear for God’s sake. The office, which I run now, runs pretty good, everyone knows I am his lover and all. I don’t fake it and neither does he. He is completely dependent on me for his day, the only place he takes complete control is in the sack. And the only place I loose complete control is in the sack.

After he makes love to me, he looks at me and I know he owns me. It is weird, his look, it is absolute possession of what he owns. There is no doubt that I am his woman, he just happens to have two women. His wife and I get along ok, although we never talk about what everyone knows. He really has two wives, one who is in the society and me, who looks after him. The one time the subject kind of came up, she told me to look after him, and not to stray. That’s all.

(Screen) Name: The other wife

heart confusion

I lay on my bed..My mind wont drop him..but why? Is it the fact we lasted 10 months? or hes the only guy I loved? It all began last year when I dated the cute football player he was sweet but he didnt pay any attention and ditched me for his friends Cade was his name my family absolutly adored him! I go to class to sit next to the man this stories about at times I hear his name I break..His name is Mark. He was my friend we’d always pick on each other and laugh together. One night as I watched a movie Mark texted me saying “If Cade hurts you, I’ll hurt him” I laughed and replied jokingly “What do you like me?” few seconds he replied “Yes” I was astonished! Mark noticed Cades behavior and he told me sternly “I’m sick of how he treats you!” and he pulled me in and kissed me! I told Cade immediatly and Cade told me a girl gave him a hicky at a party which he lied about so few days later I dated Mark, We were perfect like apple and cinnamon, Unfortunetly here comes the huge issue, His parents send him away to military school due to grades, and while he left the more mean he became. He started asking his ex for nude pictures and the lame excuse was its for his future career Navel biology. I called him and asked him why hes asking like this? and he screamed “What! do you want me to lie?!?” and I burst out crying badly and he yelled again “You need to fucking calm down!” I hung up and cried all night. Next day I dumped him..Now I’m dating a super great guy but I miss Mark ’cause in my heart I know it aint the real him…

(Screen) Name: debyboo

in love with an older man

i am in love with an older man. much older than me. 25 yrs older than me. he is my boss. i fell for him. i am in love with him. i slept with him (i know i shouldn’t have done that, but i could not resist). i surrendered completely to him. well, when i mean i surrendered, i surrendered to him. we made love, normally, which was out of this world, but i wanted to give him more so i asked him to take me from behind, i mean in my behind. it hurt for a bit, but then it was amazing. when every bit of him was inside of me i just broke down and cried of the pure absolute surrender and pleasure. he took me and pounded me and i did my clit and i had the most exhilirating orgasm. when i felt him come out of me, i just died of pleasure. nothing nothing nothing has been so great. oh well, any way, i love him. and i belong to him, and i’m his, and he is part of my soul. and when he turned me around after he was inside of me, he looked in my eyes and told me that now i belonged to him, and i do. and i just love being totally totally owned. what else. oh yes, i know people are going to be upset with me. i know, he is married and has a family and i’m just his lover. but, i love him. i love you.

(Screen) Name: gracie

2 Lovers and Im not Ashame

I been in a relationship for 11yrs leave with the man who loves me , yet i am in a realtionship with a lover who we met 17yrs ago and we have ran into each other last yr and been seeing each other I really love and care for my lover however I still care for the man Im with but not in love with him I cant just walk away from him and go with my lover although thats what we want to do I cant seem to make that move– I dont have any childre from either men

(Screen) Name: Cateyz60

what should I do?

I am emz, 20 years of age…I got this feeling that my boyfriend & i always having quarrel… we’re almost 2years but as time passess by, we kept on quarreling without a valid reasons…
although no third party involved…
I loved him but Sometimes I admit to my self that my loved for him slowly fading but I just dont want to break up with him because I’m afraid that I’ll regret it soon after… I dont want to regret coz if I do, maybe I wont win him back…I know he loves me more than anything, its just that Im really confused if loved is still the same..please help me..what should I do?

(Screen) Name: emz

me and this girl

me and this girl have been dating on and off since the forth grade. i really miss her and i love her but she dosent want to date me anymore and i just cant get her off my mind. she doesent want to date me anymore because i cheated on her and i told her that i change and i really did and she doesnt belive me. i have been saying that for the past year and she still doesent believe me. i need her to know that i changed and i want her to come back to me. so, can you please help me.?

(Screen) Name: d-money