A Family Affair

My crossdressing began when  I was 5 or 6. I have a twin sister who liked to dress me in her clothes and I loved it. It went on for a couple of years until our mother walked in on us one day and contrary to what we thought, said I was a cute as my sister. It didn’t bother her. As time went on my sister began buying things for me as did my mother. Mother later confessed that she thought I’d grow out of it but by the time her idea changed I was a committed ”transvestite” as we were called back then.

When Rebekka and I were 11 and she began developing and I became extremely jealous but to humor me she let me touch her ”titties” as we called them. Also at that time my cock began exerting itself and I let her touch it. In due time I showed her how I made it make me ”feel good” and began shooting loads into my hand right in front of her. This exploring continued until we were 14 and regularly masturbating each other. In school we both heard about other ways of having fun. In fact by then I realized I liked being with boys and sucking cock. At home I told Bekka about it and asked her to do it to me. And she did, and it was good. She asked me to ”kiss my pussy” and soon we were deeply into oral sex.

I had given myself to a boy so i wasn’t a virgin back there so i knew I would like to get Bekka’s ass and while licking her pussy I’d flick my tongue around her asshole and she loved it. I told her I wanted to fuck her there to my utter surprise she told me I had to do her pussy first. And so I got my first cherry.

Our fucking became frequent and my crossdressing a regular part of out home life. (Our father was dead so it was just we three ”girls”.)

Mother kind of had an idea that something might be going on but kept quiet about it. She was not the most modest woman had regularly walked around our apartment  in her underthings. Bekka and I always talked about her great body and I actually told her that I would love to fuck our mother. Mt sister had begun looking at girls and had some very satisfying affairs. We were both truly bisexual and this had her looking at Mother too.

Mother never, ever drank, but one year, when we were almost 17 she came home from a Christmas party totally bombed. She could barely get trough the door. We were both  up and making out on the couch in our nightgowns and we jumped when we heard her at the door. We helped her in and took her straight to her bedroom where she insisted on getting out of he clothes. I unzipped her dress and we got that off and Bekka got her slip straps off her shoulders and soon it was on the floor. At that point Mother said she had to lay down and we helped her into her bed. By then though we were both turned on and we got her pantyhose and panties off, followed by her bra. She had a big bush and her boobs eres a 42D which Bekka just had to feel and then do some nipple nibbling. Mother was out cold and it was my sister who began fooling around, eventually going down on Mother, while I sucked on her tits. She had nipples that swelled to almost ping-pong ball size.

Bekka insisted I go down for a taste and I spent about 5  minutes licking and sucking our mother’s cunt. I was hard as a rock and without anything being said I pulled up my nightie and slid my cock into our mother dripping cunt. And it was good. I came twice and after withdrawing Bekka went down and licked it clean.

It was then we realized that we had raped our mother. We knew she was a sexy lady and accepted each of us being bi and even me being a crossdresser but we doubted she’d go so far as to let me/us fuck her. I mean she had a good idea that Bekka and I were in a relationship but that was probably as far as she’d go. We were scared shitless.

The next morning we were sitting in the kitchen when she came in. With coffee in hand she sat at the table and came right out with it: ”You two enjoy good old Mom last night?” She said she knew what we did and no matter what spin we put on it, it was rape and incest and wrong. We felt terrible and still scared. She said she knew we were fucking and what all else, and that I was sucking cocks and probably being fucked in the ass and that her daughter was eating pussy, but that paled beside raping their incapacitated mother.

We both began crying and begging forgiveness but then she dropped the bombshell: It was alright because she wanted it but she just couldn’t bring herself to offer herself to us and knew it was the only way was for us to do what we did. She secretly planned it and prayed by passing out we’d take the bait. And did we  ever? At the time we were almost 17 and she was 42 and for the next 38 years we were a three-some. A couple of time Bekka had false pregnancies which scared us again, and in the first year Mother swore she was pregnant. Finally I was tested and determined i was sterile. Talk about small favors.

Our sex-capades left nothing out. Bekka and Mother had a double headed dilod which the condescended to share with me, each taking her turn with me on the other end. They both could really take a lot and their pussies would be rubbing against each other. I couldn’t take as much. We got into serious assfucking, golden showers, and spanking. Nothing was taboo. even when Mother was in her 70s and 80s, everything was fair game.



I love someone I shouldn’t

I’m in love with a first cousin. We met for the first time a few months ago. I knew I was in trouble the second she spoke. She radiates warmth, passion, confidence. Things I deeply lack in myself. I didn’t want this to happen. She opened her heart to me and cracked mine wide open too. I had never felt closer to or more cared for by anyone. When we talk she gives me undivided, earnest attention that makes me feel like I’m the center of the universe…that I’m worth her time. And she has a lot going on in her own life. I fought my feelings for her, but pretending to be platonic is so painful. I feel like I violated my own moral code and in a way manipulated her trust in me because I didn’t tell her the truth. The truth is I have never felt like this about anyone. She makes me so happy. When I’m around her I feel so safe, I feel like I can be vulnerable, show my darkest side, and she would still love me the way she does. I feel like I can’t hold back anymore. It’s killing me carrying this secret in my heart every single day. Trying to act normal around her pushing back tears wanting to be with her knowing the truth will drive her away. She knows something is wrong because I’m distancing myself and avoiding contact. I’m hoping indifference will keep me from falling even harder. It hurts seeing her, it hurts not seeing her. She wants to talk to me and help me, and I’m dying to tell her, but I fear the consequences. Losing her, exposing me, breaking hearts all over again. It’s ironic that the only person I know who has overcome heartbreak and could guide me towards letting go and healing is her.  I have never fallen so hard for someone, never thought of all people, it would be someone I’m not supposed to love. I might have idealized her, and think sometimes  maybe it’s the idea of someone like her that I’m in love with. Maybe it’s not really her that I love. But either way, it comes back to her. I feel sick. I don’t know what is right. If I continue acting platonic, we still have each other. But our relationship is not completely honest because I’m hiding my secret from her. I also risk doing something stupid, shocking her, shocking everyone. Hurting her ;( Not to mention facing stigma, rejection, humiliation. If I confess, I destroy everything we had together. But it would be a release for me. I don’t like either option because both involve a world of hurt and pain. Why does it have to be her? Why can’t I just unlove her? What should I do?

Is he punishing me

I was terrible a few years back, stole from parents, drank, drugs, stole cars, cheated on every girlfriend and screwed over everyone I could. But I never got caught got a good job straight from college got things together then we broke up. I miss you so much it hurts. We were happy and I cherished every minute with you but you had to move. Got a new bf quickly and you seem happier which kills me to my core. Im walking around in a haze all the time and it’s been nearly a year. I always thought I was the luckiest man in the world to have you, I always thought you were way outta my league and I did everything to make you happy but you never settled. I created a rift after we broke up because I couldn’t bear to talk to you and still can’t because I’m so hopelessly in love but I miss you so much. There isn’t one single day I don’t think of you and in a way resent your happiness because it drives you further away from me. I’m drinking too much and it seems to be the only place I can find relief. I dread the thought of sleep because you are the last thing I will think about. Is there a god after all and is he punishing me for my past?

(Screen) Name: tj

the truth

so its been driving me insane for the past few months, and finally i think things are starting to fall into place. Im starting to feel like im where i belong! I think he is going to end up leaving her…everyone sees it….even his own mother, crazy huh? I know he wants to be with me, im so excited and nothing has even happened yet! All I know is that I cant wait for the day im allowed to touch him!! Im gonna wrap him in my arms, and kiss him from his neck to his belly, and love it the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Screen) Name: mz_jayded

my love for u is real,,,,

my life is blissed…i found a man for me…

when he look at me..i feel melting like an ice cream..

i see his eyes telling me the real meaning of love…

LOVE means a lot for me..

it moves in mysterious ways..when love appears over the horizon..

i Love you…its always so surprising..

From the rest of my days…i feel like mystery..


whod have thought this is how the pieces fit…

You and i shouldn’t even try making sense of it..

i forgot how we ever came this far..

Like the ticking of the clock that beat as one,.,

i never understand the way its done..


im in strong like of a guy and im married

So ive been married 7 years to a good man who i love. We have tons of fun together but sexually im not feeling him as i should. We have our i cant stand you times then right back to i love you. But a year ago i met a guy who i am attracted to that i used to work with. Its bad, i think about him often and the things i wanna do i know i cant. I hang out time to time (bad idea). But really liking and lusting right now. He feels the same but im married. I know if i keep up something will happen that shouldnt but i want it to. Sexually the attraction is like whoa and we have fun together. How do i make myself stop because ive tried and its extremly hard.

(Screen) Name: kokoa7

clueless :/

hello , i feel really pathetic that im even asking for advice but im in a reltionship ans have been for over a year and a half , im 15 and my boyfriends 16 we live quit a distance away from each other and the time we spend together isnt much , im madly inlove with him and think everything about him is perfect but i have this friend at school (male) and we got really close i messaged him and he was the for me but one day he admitted he liked me and up untill then i had no feelings other than fiendship we started talking more and more and he knew i had a boyfriend i didnt flirt with him but my feelings for him grew then one day my boyfriend mentioned he had a problem with me messaging him and talking to him and requested that i stop talking to him via texting and face to face , i simply said that me and him were just friends but okay ill stop texting and ill try and avoid him as i know how i would feel if he was massaging another girl , but the only problem with this is that my friend doesnt want to stop talking to me , ive told him to leave me alone (as painful as it was) but he calls and messages hoping for a reply but i give none, im with him in alot of classes at school and he constantly makes eye contact and trys to talk to sit next to me but i cant as i dont want to jepadise my relationship. i still care deaply for this boy and will always be there for him but in the mean time the boy i love comes first , how can i make my friend stop talking to me with being harsh , ow and he also has a girlfriend wich coincidently hates also what can i say to my boyfriend as i feel like he has a constant watch over me and everything i do as i have to constanlt update him on who ive spoke to and if me and my (ex) friend have spoke.

(Screen) Name: anonomouse


i am in love with a guy who i just feel like he is not inlove with me. At first he used to call me and now he doesnt. i have tried to talk to him through the phone but he always ignores me. the worst past is i am just feeling like i have lost him but i still love. i really do get hurt by this…should i stay or should i leave him?

(Screen) Name: quite gal

on a bus

I was travelling in a bus. There was a lot of crowd. I was sitting of the seat away from the window. A girl was standing near me and she was wearing a skirt. Because of the crowd my knee was touching her legs as her back was towards me. I pushed my leg towards her and touched her a little in the portion above her knee. Because of the crowd nobody was noticing it. She havn’t resisted it so i started stroking her leg. Still she havnt reacted at all this increased my confidence and i touched her knee with my hand and started my hand upwards. I reached her panty which was wet and squeezed it hard. OMG i cant say what i was feeling, my mind was drained of blood and i was unable think anything. I played with her pussy with my fingers she was standing still doing nothing, encouraging me too continue.I was knowing that it is wrong but still i was doing then after sometime her stop came and she left the bus along with the people she came with. Afterwards i felt like a loser who cant control my own deeds. I was knowing that it was wrong but i dont know what came over me. I am too ashamed of myself now.

(Screen) Name: Parth