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Being in Love  

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What is being in love?

Someone said you will know the real meaning of love when you fall in love. Isn't it true that nobody can speak the truth about love unless he is or was in love? What is love and why is there such a fuss about this word LOVE? Generally speaking love is special feeling that everyone has for their own mother, father or other being in lovesiblings. It also means a special feeling for someone who has touched your heart and soul and has knocked you off your feet by her attraction or behavior totally unconnected o your family, friends or foe. Many love quotes have done their rounds in the midst of lovers and lover's hater's. There has never really been a love quote deficiency in this world wherein one had to go in search for a suitable love quote to describe what love really is.

Love knows no boundaries, love is blind, etc are all tradition love descriptions. A special day is celebrated every year to celebrate this wonderful relationship called love. It is always exaggerated and lovers usually use the most impossible language to explain how much they love their mate. it takes 3 seconds to say I love you, but a lifetime to prove it. In this game named love man and women often blame one another for being nativ or intolerable when it comes to wooing or love making.

The book about these sentiments and behaviors of the opposite sex is best showcased in the books like men are from mars, and women are from Venus. But still there is no formula defining this relationship as a whole. Like this quote here, you'll be confused after reading this about what to be or not to be in love. Don't be too good I will miss you. Don't be too caring. I might like you. Don't be too sweet, I might fall. It's hard for me to love you when you won't love me after all.

As john Keats puts in a thing of beauty is a joy forever, I feel love is definitely a thing of beauty worth living and even dieing for. Just like Bryon quotes,

Alas! The love of women! It is known To be a lovely and fearful thing! It's true that many men consider a fearful thing and always associate the women to the famous beauty and the beast. But in reality it is women who should be fearful of men as many a love stories are ended by men. I feel men break love often than women. Emotional bonding is what women get into in a love relationship and they find it hard to cope up or even take the fact that their love has left them for good. But as Plato rightly puts in at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. That's true because when someone is madly in love all he can think of is growing a beard and writing a poem on his lady love. As for women they become mobile dream factories always smiling and giggling on heir own without any proper reason. These are all the symptoms of love which has infected the hearts and souls of those who have it. Its surprising that even Lao Tzu had commented on love thus, being deeply loved by someone gives you strength While loving someone deeply gives you courage

The lovers definitely get empowered with so much courage all in the name of love; they are ready to leave home, their parents or even their jobs to go behind their soul mate. Many go crazy thinking and experiencing the love at first sight. From time and again movies portray love in all forms. When the movie called you've got a mail was released the horizon shifted from loving in real life to the internet online life. It opened up new vista's to explore love even without seeing or touching one another.

Online love stories have increased since and if have the time just search for online love stories and you will be spell bound at the numerous stories you find. Thus being in love is such a wonderful miracle worth living for. It opens up your heart sometimes rips it apart too, but love still lives on that wonderful hearty trop when you think of those loving moments still keep you alive and youthful.


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