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Relationship Advice and Help are our two main categories. Our job is to give you the Professional Relationship Advice and help you need and deserve for all your Relationship problems.


LoveTalk forum

Forum for Relationship and Love Advice. With over thousands of members this forum is a way for you to reach out to others and provide them with some of your own personal advice or a way to get advice. The subjects are from breaking up or what to do in case your partner is cheating. Many have the experience and therefore this is an ideal place how others have dealt with there's. Help out or ask for help is the slogan for our LoveTalk forum. Go here to visit the forum

Relationship Confessions & Love Secrets

What do you have to confess or do you have a secret to share? Anyone who would like to share some secret or if you are interested in other peoples secrets, then this is the right blog for you! The following kind of secrets can be found: Family Secrets, Friend Secrets, Love Secret, Regret, Spouse Secret, Work related secrets.

Love Story Blog

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended. Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others. Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!
Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story, or just enjoy the stories of so many people around the world!

Relationship Blog

This blog is for those who want to follow others in their relationship experiences or write about. You can tell the World about your new love, relationship, break-up or divorce. We are looking for people who want to write on our site about their relationship. Maybe you are in love or just met someone new or are in a divorce? Share your daily experiences on your feelings, mood, and experiences with all of our visitors from all over the world. Millions of people visit Love-Sessions and all love to read about other people’s experiences.

Blogs & Forums

Blogs & Forums

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