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Blooming Relationship  

Chicks are hatching and Spring Flowers are Blooming, but is Your Relationship?

Top 5 signs of a Blooming Relationship

With the season of spring comes new beginnings and lots of blooming. Adorable baby chicks are hatching out of their egg shells, leaves are growing back on trees and beautiful fragrant flowers are blooming. It is a beautiful time for fresh starts, new love and blooming relationships; But- is your relationship blooming? Or is it stuck and perhaps a dud? blooming relationship

Most relationships start with a very promising presentation. You both have a strong attraction for each other, love talking and spending time together and you have never felt so happy or excited. This is the first stage of most romantic relationships and should be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest.  Where has your relationship gone since all that though? Is it actually blooming and growing into a serious and meaningful relationship, or is it a dud that will most likely lead nowhere?

spring loveThink of relationships as a flower that starts off as a seed. You and your lover meet, like what you see and agree to spend more and more time together, dating. That agreement to date, have fun and get to know each other is that seed that you both planted together. The first step is complete, but how far along have you two come since? Is that seed blooming into a meaningful relationship or not?

The Following signs are the Top 5 signs that will help know whether your relationship is really blooming or not:

Sign 1: A real friendship grows- As wonderful and important a strong physical attraction and great sexual connection may be- they just do not define a strong and growing relationship. Besides sharing a romantic and sexual connection, you and your dating partner have to be able to connect as two people and build a friendship too. Growing to care about each other and see each other as close friends whom you can trust and depend on is a strong sign that your relationship is blooming.

Sign 2: The Communication between you Grows Deeper- When you first start seeing someone, you are going to talk about things that typically help people learn more about one another. Some examples of conversation topics are what each of you do for a living, likes and dislikes, hobbies, goals, favorite movie, favorite food, beliefs ad so on. Learning about these things help you understand the other person better and also helps you decide whether you two make a good match or not, with potential to build a relationship. Once you pass this stage however, the communication between you and your dating/relationship partner must grow and evolve into deeper levels. If you two find yourselves having a difficult time having intimate and deeper conversations that are more emotionally entwined, then it is time to take another look at your relationship. As your relationship gets older, it must evolve and mature. You and your partner should comfortably and happily talk more intimately about the future, your individual and joined goals, as well as really being interested in what is important to the other. Being comfortable and feeling safe to talk about anything and everything, whether it is something very serious or not, is a sure sign that your relationship is blossoming into a healthy, strong one.

Sign 3: You Develop a True Respect for Each Other’s Individuality
When you first get together with someone you have fallen in love with, you two are going to want to be together all the time. Every chance and opportunity each of you are able to get a hold of, will be invested into spending as much time together and doing almost everything together. As long as you two are together, that is all the matters and there is nowhere else you would rather be and with no one else.  As beautiful and sweet as this is, it is just is not realistic. This stage should be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest, but it is also important to realize and accept the fact that as your relationships settles down and matures, both you and your partner will also continue to grow as individuals and will have individual goals and callings, outside your relationship. When both people in a relationship can be together happily and also respect each other’s need and right for individual space, then your relationship is on the right track! You truly have a strong, deep and loving relationship when you want your partner to explore their individual interests and goals. Being supportive of each other’s individuality is a true sign of a relationship blossoming into a long lasting connection. 

Sign 4: You accept the differences between you
As much as you and your love will have in common, there also many things you will not see eye to eye on. You will see many things differently and will have variant beliefs and opinions about certain things. This can and most likely will lead to conflicts and arguments. Accepting the differences between you with an open heart and mind and the willingness to understand and respect it is a strong and positive sign that your relationship is growing in the right direction. Working together as a team and arguing in a productive way that will help you both strengthen from your differences will set your relationship on the road to true love and success.

Sign 5: Re-Capturing the Romance
No matter how much two people love each other, experiencing constant passion and romance is just not a realistic expectation of a relationship. As your relationship matures, it will become more safe and comfortable for the two of you. The need to constantly impress one another will no longer be there, because you both will develop a real trust and faith each the love that exists between you. This is when you know your relationship has really entered a stage of true love. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy and recapture the romance and passionate experiences you enjoyed before. Romantic passion requires effort and interest on both parts. If you and your lover work together in finding new things to do together, new places to go to, new activities to participate in that you both believe will awaken the romance and passionate desires between you, then your relationship is blossoming and growing into a mature, intelligent, strong and long lasting relationship that is really based on true love and understanding.

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