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Casual Date

Creating your Casual Data at Love-Sessions

A casual date is basically a date where two people get to know each other. Therefore, you will not need to really concentrate on setting up too much of a big romance scene.

The two of you will meet by:
You pick your date up
Your date picks you up
The two of you meet at the discussed meeting place.

Café. A café is a great place for casual daters and first timers to get together. It is in a nice public place, you have the chance to really talk and learn more about each other and you can drink some delicious coffee. Afterwards, you can either end the date or chose to continue if it is going very well.

Ice Skating. Ice-skating is fun and really helps break the ice! Since none of you will

Lunch. A date does not always have to take place at night. In fact, by having lunch instead on a first date, there is less pressure for romance, due to taking place during the day over some lunch. Having lunch allows you to get to know your date, without feeling like you have to spend hours together.

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Miniature Golfing. This is a fun way to spend time with your date. You will laugh, talk and perhaps even challenge each other. This will bring up fun flirtation that could possibly bring a wonderful connection between the two of you.

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Horseback Riding. If you and your date are not afraid of horses, then this is a terrific way to have a casual, yet interesting date! Horseback riding is a good way to have a good conversation, observe your date’s personality and enjoy the outdoors! If you need to be sure or discuss your idea, ask our experts

Movies. Find out what the new movie releases are and buy tickets for you and your date or tell your date about it. It would be good to meet at a café first, so the two of you can talk for a while, and then see the movie. Buy the tickets ahead of time before they get sold out for the time you wish to see it! After the movie, you may then have a talk about how you found the movie to be.

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