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Will a Cheater Cheat Again?

Cheater cheating again and again?

Cheating is one obstacle that seems to scare people most when it comes in relationships. Although cheating is painful and often thought of as unforgivable, many couples find themselves able to forgive their partner for cheating and are willing to stay in the relationship and move with their lives together. Though this may wonderful and true, majority of people who have been cheated on, have a fear that their partner will eventually do it again, and this fear keeps them from being able to growing in their relationship and achieving the true strengths that a relationship could achieve. Does this sound familiar to you? Are you afraid that your lover will cheat again? Do cheaters cheat again? cheat

Well, statistics show that 15-20% of cheaters repeat their cheating acts, which means that most cheaters learn from their mistakes and are genuinely faithful people who just made a mistake and will not do it again. If you have decided to forgive your partner for cheating, the best thing to do would be to make every effort to move past that painful experience and focus on re-building your relationship together. You do not have to forget about what transpired, but you must put it behind you and move on with your life. Do not let a past experience haunt you and run your life. Giving such experiences more power than they deserve will drain your self-esteem will mold you into a paranoid and unhappy person, causing the relationship you chose to save and work on, fail.

The truth is, there is no way to guarantee that a cheater will cheat again, so to torture yourself with such questions and thoughts, you are only unnecessarily hurting yourself and creating undeserved resentment towards your partner. Instead of keeping a painful past alive and fresh, replace it with finding new experiences you can have with your partner. New and happy experiences will result in new happy memories, making it easier and easier to let go of your painful memory and conquering your fears. If your partner has apologized and promised you it will never happen again, and you have agreed to forgive him or her, then take their word for it and concentrate on capturing happiness together, until and if they give you a reason not to trust them.

So, yes- a cheater could cheat again, but there is no reason to drive yourself crazy over it until it does happen again, if it does. If you feel that insecure about it, then perhaps you should slow things down with your partner. It will take time to heal from the pain and fear and until you are fully able to move on without being paranoid all of the time, but if you stop giving the past more power over your life than it deserves, you will be able to give yourself the self-esteem boosts you need to start feeling better about yourself and your relationship. Taking it one step at a time is all you should focus on. Be patient with yourself and give yourself the time to have your emotional withdrawal so that you can eventually move on and learn to trust your partner again- with their efforts helping you trust them again of course!


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