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Cheating Statistics  

Stats on Cheating : Beware of cheats

About Marriages and Divorce: Cheating Statistics

Cheating is as old as human society. Cheats existed since ancient days. Now cheating has assumed a new dimension with the advent of science and technology. There are hundreds of categories of cheating ranging from basic human relationship to business transactions. However, they can be generally classified depending on the nature of the cheating. cheating stats

Cheating is considered to be immoral and unethical. Certain categories of cheating are liable for punishment and penalties. If cheating is committed by students, then they could face disciplinary action. If the cheating is between married partners, they can take to legal recourse. If the cheating is within the business community, then relief can be obtained through a court of law. The most prevalent variety of cheating in society is personal relationship. Though cheating takes place within members of families like parents, siblings and children, the most common form of cheating happens between a husband and a wife. This form of cheating leads to lot of mistrust between the partners, ultimately resulting in divorce.

The statistics indicate that cheating spouses forms the highest number of cheating cases.The web site womensavers.com , quoting a report released by the Associated Press has announced the following statistics.

While 20% of all married men have had extra marital affairs, close to 16% of all married women have strayed from their marriage to explore relationship beyond their partners. The married persons found to be cheating mostly fall under the 34 years age group. Often, married women are found to have extra marital affairs with men of younger age.

More than 71 per cent of the married women were aware of their spouses' extra marital affairs. Similarly, 42 per cent of the married men were aware of their spouses' affairs with other men. This kind of cheating constitutes the reason for bulk of the divorce cases.

The same kind of cheating takes place between unmarried couples also. For instance, boyfriends are known to cheat their girlfriends and vice-versa. However, a majority of such cases go unreported since they are not bound by marriage or the law. Besides, cheating between unmarried couples does not have legal binding. Such cases do not stand the test of law since their is absence of a clearly defined relationship. However, cheating within unmarried couples can result in a lot of emotional drain.

Another form of cheating relates to students taking examination. Students are known to cheat while appearing for examination. It could be indulging in malpractices or impersonating candidates while writing the examination.

According to a survey, 'Who's who among American high school students', more than 80 per cent of the students admitted to copying or cheating while writing the examination. In another survey conducted by the California State Department of Examination, approximately, 39 per cent of the students admitted to copying while another 41 per cent of the students admitted to plagiarism. The survey was conducted on sixth graders.

A similar survey conducted by the by the California State Department of Examination among high school students revealed that 75 per cent of the students indulged in malpractices while 51 per cent committed plagiarism. These surveys were helpful in evolving the honor code among students. As per this honor code, students found to be committing serious malpractices while writing examination are liable to be expelled from the educational institutions.

The third form of cheating can be categorized under sports and gambling. Cheating in sports is considered a serious offense and can often lead to disqualification or banning from taking part in the games in future. The most famous of such cases is the disqualification of Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, who was not only stripped off the medal, but banned from taking part in future races. He was found to have taken performance-enhancing drugs during the 1998 summer Olympic games held in Seoul, South Korea. Several other athletes have faced similar action for taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Statistics relating to sports and games do not run into thousands at the international level. Every sports person is subjected to random doping test once in a lifetime at international events. Now, there is a standard doping test that every athlete has to clear in the US before taking part in the national level games and sports meets.

Cheating also takes place during gambling. Since it is a highly evolved game employing skills, thousands of cheating cases are reported from hundreds of casinos and clubs from around the country. All these cases are most likely solved on the spot while many are taken to the courts. The latest form in cheating is taking place in the Information Technology world. While personal computer users are accused of cheating several software companies for using pirated version unknowingly, this trend is on the rise particularly in the developing countries where awareness of intellectual property rights is low. Technology giants like IBM and Microsoft maintain a separate department to check the use of the pirated software.

Internet cheating is also fast growing into a menace. People are lured to make payments online in return for various favors. Often cheating cases that take place over the Internet are handled by the respective police departments of each country. Such cases run into thousands worldwide.


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