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Should You Confess to Cheating?

Cheating is something that is looked at as betrayal, painful and something not to be proud, yet so many people continue to do it. There are times when one gets caught with his or her cheating acts, but there are also times when nothing gets revealed and the person can get away with the cheating. If you have cheated and regret it with the choice to never do it again, is it really necessary to confess to the cheating? The answer is actually already set in your mind- you just need to choose whether or not you want to acknowledge how you really feel about it.

Many believe that what their partner does not know will not hurt them and why tell them something that you are going to do anymore that will only cause them unnecessary pain? You already have the answer to that question. While confessing to cheating can be scary and painful for your partner to hear, it is their right to know what has been going on in their relationship with you. Your cheating is called cheating because you did it while in a relationship you and another person agreed to stay committed to. By not letting your partner know what you did, you are making him an outsider in the relationship and are choosing to have this relationship by yourself. A relationship is about open, honest and direct communication, as well as trust, patience, understanding and respect.

There is no easy way to confess to cheating, you just need to build the courage and put it out all on the table. Your partner will react in shock, anger and pain and you will need to have the patience while he or she goes through that emotional process and you should try to rush anything. When your partner seems calmer and ready to listen, just be honest about how it happened and why, and to also express your understanding that no reason justifies your actions, but it will help you both understand where things got lost in the relationship. You will need to cooperate with your partner and do whatever it takes to prove that you can be trusted and will not cheat again. Together you will be able to move slowly past this and rebuild a relationship that is stronger than ever with even more trust than it had to begin with.


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