I have a very close knit group of friends.We are together from the very school days and they have been the closest to my heart all this time. Lately I had developed a very bad habit of forming opinions about people without judging him/her properly.Two of my friends had gone in to a relationship lately.one of them is with a guy whose 10 years senior to her and doesnt have a good job. Another one of my friends is with a guy whose younger to her and is not at par with her in terms of career.He was preparing for a competetive exam.I had talked a lot behind their backs and had sneered at their choices. The fact that the guys were not into good jobs and not that focussed in life irked me.I even went into the length saying that one of their relationships wont last long as the guy would take a lot of time to settle down.However I had also adviced my second friend to motivate her bf to concentrate on his career.I was genuinely concerned about her and wanted the best for her.I know her family and her father would only approve of a guy whose better than her in all terms.
Offlate I met with the two of them.One of them is a gem of a guy.He is a very nice person and loves my friend dearly.Another one got a good score in his competetive exam. I just feel miserable right now. i shouldnt have formed just strong opinions about them so fast.
My bf and I work in an MNC. Recently he cleared exam of a company which is better than the present one having a double pay package. I am also scared of the fact that maybe he wont get the opportunity to join the company because I had bitched about other people’s bfs.This is the dream job for him and he had been slogging on for the past 4 years for a job like this.I feel right now that I have wasted all his chances of getting through the job.I dont want him to be punished for an idiot like me.
Its very common for all human beings to compare and trying to keep oneself in a higher position. Every body nowadays is competetive and wants the best for oneself. I am no different. But i feel utterly miserable that I had said these things about my close friends.God has brought me down to earth and showed me the humble path.I am sorry my dear friends, I didnt want to say those horrible things about the people u love.I want to take back all my mockery, sneers and lurid comments.I had always wanted the best for you two and recently when i heard about your partners I had thought that maybe you two deserve a lot better. I had forgotten completely that love is all about feeling and commitment.Its not about a high end career and a fat pay package.Please forgive me for being such a manipulative and calculative bitch.

(Screen) Name: phoebe