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Okay hi there my name is well cant tell you yet . Okay well there is a kid in my class name Caden Lowe and i think he likes me I'm not sure. I need to find out.I also think that he might ask me out. But i just like him back i don't know [...]

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Im inlove !

My friends call me Sha2x, im first year college and i met this guy in our school! he is my classmate! first i didn't like him! its just like he is so much arrogant but later on i see his another side of attitude. He is caring, and talented.But i found out he lives together [...]

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Hi i need help, i think i like my best friend. The whole story starts when my friend Kevin (who i like)took me to the movies to see The Lucky One (a romantic movie, i guess). He took me because i told him i was having family issues n i was so upset. He was [...]

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In 1st Love

Am a boy from India, Am a student....I Love a girl, she is quite pretty. She is one of my Classmate's Friend's sister. First we became friends in Facebook. Then we used to talk and chat frequently. She never talked with me properly. Means, She used to give me one reply against ten. But, I [...]

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Im in love with a man twice my age

Two months ago I broke up with my partner of 4 years for multiple reasons eg: the relationship grew stale, the sex was boring, he tried to change me and hated the way I looked.. Before i left my partner I met a man who was twice my age and instantly connected! We were purely [...]

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confused on what to do next?

My name is Mimi. Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 4yrs now. We have been thru so much these last couple of yrs. I have been by his side thru his times of lows and highs. We took a yr break in which he fathered another child. At that time it broke my heart [...]

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That Kiss…

Hi, So this is along story. I've been in a relationship for almost 4 years. I love my boyfriend so much, but we've been trough a lot. For starters we are very different people, we always fight over the stupidest things and in the years before we used to break up a lot. Which led [...]

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What to do?

my future partner loves me soo much that he can do and has already ddone un imaginable things for me. but the truth is that i love him as much as i love every one else in my life and this is not what i desire. seriously i dont know what to do about this. [...]

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So here it goes...I am inlove with two of my really good friends i have known for along time now and they are like tottally two different people but (i shall ccall her R for her first name and T)Ive known R for about 4 years now and T for 3 but R loves me [...]

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I am 28 years old,i reside in Houston TX,i met a spell caster online sometimes ago..i was dating a guy,we love each other and we plan to get married this year,some thing came up,his parent don't want us to get married coz of my nationality i am originally from Spain,we continue the relationship in regardless [...]

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