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cute love quote Love Quotes Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met!

cute love quote Love is the light to darkness.

cute love quote I love u is an 8 letter word then again so is bullshit!

cute love quote Trip over love you can get up; fall in love you fall forever!

cute love quote Can I have your phone number I have seemed to miss place mine

cute love quote Can I borrow your library card I would like to check u out?

cute love quote My love for you is a feeling that will last forever and eternity...

cute love quote Farwell are my last words as you leave me to dwell on the past memories of what you

cute love quote Love is like cany on a shelf

cute love quote You don’t realize what you have until you lose it

cute love quote He taught me how 2 love him... but not how 2 stop...X

cute love quote Roses are red violets are blue I’m in love but not with you.

cute love quote The way you look at her...it hurts

cute love quote I don’t know why I cry……It’s just that when I see your face....I want you. I don’t know why I still like you... after all you broke my heart. I don’t know why I scream for you…. I guess I love you.

cute love quote What is it that hurts us the most? The thought of having to say goodbye.

cute love quote How come even though I feel like I’m your friend...I’m actually only your backup plan?

cute love quote Your Father Must Be a Thief....Because He Stole the Sparkle from the Stars and Put It in Your Eyes.

cute love quote I look in your eyes and forget I forget all the pain you’ve cause me before

cute love quote When I look at u can’t u see my :) is a lie my laugh is fake my tears real!

cute love quote If u were a tear in my eye I wouldn’t cry for the fear of losing u

Love Is A Painting And Your Heart Is The Paint Brush.


cute love quote Who do I choose the best friend who will be there to the end or the guy who’s just an ill shy? :(

cute love quote When u love some one deeply ....don't be ashamed its not something freaky u will be blessed with the true one and only and you'll recover from being so lonely just remember to receive the one for u must wait.

cute love quote I LOVE you to death but now that were apart things are different even in our hearts.

cute love quote How far do I have to go to make you understand? I want to make this work so bad it hurts...!

cute love quote Some people say love is like a river but to me it’s more like an ocean with sharks

cute love quote Most often doing the right thing hurt us a lot.

cute love quote Love is a path to true love which ends up in a field of being in love...which path are you going to take?

cute love quote 'People say u can only fall in love 1 but every time I hear your voice I fall in love all over again.

Boys are like roses... Some are picked with love and are pretty to look at.

cute love quote Life’s number one happiness is to love and to be loved.

cute love quote I love the way u make me smile n the way u kiss me but the only things I hate is u n her n den I c a different u n 2 me your worthless

cute love quote They say love is what makes you whole but sometimes love just isn’t enough

cute love quote To love is like catching a glimpse of heaven.

cute love quote My favorite part of the day is when me and you become we.

All I need is to hear your voice. And you still don’t believe me.

cute love quote My love for you is very rear and mess with I shall not dare. I hope we can grow old and cold together so that when ever we part form this world we can rest in peace knowing we parted together and not alone. But for now I will remember the beautiful sound of your chest tone and you can remember the way I spoke to you on the phone. We will always know that we will not be alone because our love is so strong and bold .

cute love quote The hardest part about dreaming of the one you love is that you have to wake up.

cute love quote My life was raining yesterday...But when the sun comes up, I think of LOVE, I think of a GUY, I think of YOU!

cute love quote I want to make you smile, whenever you’re sad... hoping it will make you glad, coz I want to be the girl who want to grows old with you.

cute love quote I saw you there that one night you said you want to be with me than why did you go and leave.

cute love quote Death isn’t something to run from.



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