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Are you hanging on to a Dead-End Relationship?

ending relationshipIt is common for relationships to have difficulties, but there are times when a relationship has reached its dead end with irreparable problems. Many people who have invested their time and emotions into a relationship find it very hard to let go, believing that things can and will work out, regardless of whether their partner still wants to be with them or not. So what are the signs of a dead-end relationship? Read the following list:

When Consideration Fades. If one or both of you decline in your consideration of what the other needs and wants, your relationship will not last, because you are no longer working together.

Lack of Respect. Love does not conquer all. Respect plays a big role in any relationship and if your partner does not show respect for your dreams, goals, beliefs, feelings and overall individuality, then they are not accepting you for who you are-making the relationship an illusion.

When your partner wants nothing else to do with you. When your partner says it is over, then it is over. There is nothing you can do or say to make him or her change their mind unless they truly want to make things work from their own choice and will. Being insistent will only prevent you from moving on and finding better love.

Relationship Expert Alina has written an article on How to break Up. It explains and gives you some tips if you really are thinking of breaking up and you want some tips.

Not making time to contribute to the relationship. If you or your partner loses interest in contributing to the relationship and makes no effort to do so at any point and time, then the relationship is over. No relationship survives without frequent effort and time investment to keep things happy and clear.

Having the Unwillingness to Compromise. All relationships will come across their differences, but if you cannot meet in the middle and come to a compromise that you can both feel comfortable with, your compatibility is not strong enough to keep the relationship together. It can never be a one way street, for when things go only in the way one partners wants it to- resentments build up and weaken your bond as a couple.

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