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Define Love

Defining Love; Love is a universally understood concept, yet one that has no true definition. Love is a feeling that can be felt by all human beings, yet not a single one can come up with a solid definition. How then can we define love?

define loveLove is subjective; different people have different ways of expressing their love. For some it’s showering their partners with gifts and material possessions. For others, its’ as simple as making their partners’ favorite meal, or helping out where they can. Others choose to use their creative sides, and come up with songs and poems to express what they feel inside. By all these examples, it is true to say that love exists in many forms, and as such can be explained in very many human aspects.

Every language and culture speaks of love as a basic human emotion; one that we can’t live without. We feel a different love for our spouses and partners, another for our friends and family, and yet another for our children. It is truly that something so universal can be expressed in so many manifestations; ones that cannot be logically explained.
The love felt between a man and a woman is something different from that a mother feels for her child. The latter case needs less explanation, it just is. It is the former that we as human beings have for years endlessly tried to accurately describe, to no avail. The process of choosing a partner is so natural that both parties instinctively know that they are feeling love for each other. We often try to come up with “logical explanations” (think scientists and their chemical pheromones theories), that often seem to take the mystique of love away.

As I stated before, love manifests differently for different people. That said there are those who seem to think that it should be shown through material possessions. This is not bad, only that it comes off as trying to buy love. And that is not the way to properly show love.
Love is a deep feeling that requires one to open themselves up to their partners. This involves the risk of not getting the love reciprocated and in some cases, even getting rejected. This is not to say that we shouldn’t try. In fact, it is this “wildcard” nature of love that makes it so interesting for mankind. Many of us don’t take the risk, and thus end up never experiencing true love. If you want to testify to true love feelings, then you have to let your fears go.

Love at first has been perpetuated by some as true love. This is misleading, as the only feelings that give rise to such fast relationships are lust and infatuation. These come in the form of crushes; a common occurrence among teenagers and young adults. Real love relationships take time to build and foster, and as such you can say that love cannot be rushed.
All the above has been leading to my perception of what love is. Rather than give a straight-forward definition of love, I will give what I believe to be the cornerstones of sharing and fostering love in a relationship; trust, honesty, patience, kindness, humility, enduring and hopeful. These are the virtues we should all strive to show our love by.
It is not easy to wake up one morning and attest to having all these virtues. Love takes time to grow, and with these virtues as your foundation, your love will surely stand the test of time. Strive not to accurately define love, but rather let it reflect in your actions.


Love is the most durable power in the world. This creative force is the most potent instrument available in mankind’s quest for peace and security. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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