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FANTASIES: What do they mean?

Fantasies play the hugest role in our sexuality. They help both you and your partner understand more about who are sexually, as well as what turns you on most.

What do your fantasies mean and where do they come from? Do you have fantasies that you feel unsure about and wondered how they became a part of your sexuality? Or do you question why your partner has certain fantasies and feel that getting some answers will make you feel more at ease? For sex advice from our experts. sexual fantasie

Fantasies develop in many different forms and no person is identical when it comes to sexual identity. Fantasies are created based on experiences that a person has and what their brain selects to save as a permanent memory. This memory is then used as a tool to reach sexual arousal and pleasure points of the person's desire. This is known as sexual imprinting and takes place during a person's adolescence stage and stays with them throughout their adult life.

Methods for finding your favorite fantasies. People use many methods to help them get in touch with their favorite and most effective fantasies. The most common methods would be:

  • Creating scenes in their minds
  • Looking at sexy magazines
  • Watching x-rated videos
  • Trying new things with their partner
  • Setting up a romantic scene at home (candles, wine, music, etc.)
  • Lingerie

There are other methods that people use, but these are the most common.

Are you okay with yours or your partner's fantasies? If you feel unsure or uneasy about the fantasies either you or your partner are having, then it would be best to talk about it and find out why you are having these thoughts, regardless of the fact that you feel uncomfortable with it. If you need guidance in understanding yours or your lovers sexual patterns and fantasies, our Sex Experts can help you and give you the advice that will suit you best. Click Here for sex advice.

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