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Further Wedding Planning...

Reception Place

There many different places you can have your wedding receptions at. You can arrange it at home, a hotel, boat, restaurant, garden, beach and many other places! Make some notes of what kind of places you picture having your reception first and then focus on finding such places and if they are available on your date.

Food Selection

Make sure the place you have your reception has a good menu, or choose a good catering company that can provide you and your guests with the greatest food and service. Make your wedding not only perfect and memorable, but delicious as well!

Wedding Favors

Think of a favor your guests would enjoy having. There are many ideas for wedding favors. You can wrap a box of quality chocolate for each guest, in wedding paper and ribbon. Or you could give them pins with you and your spouses name on it, with the date. Be creative and come up with your own unique favor.

Honeymoon Booking

This is important to do ahead of time. Have a discussion with your fiancÚ about which places you both find most suitable for a honeymoon getaway. After the two of you have made a decision, book your trip with a travel agency.

Click here for some great honeymoon destination ideas!

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