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Tips to Looking Your Best: Make him Drool!  

Be attractive at your best.

Whether you are trying to impress a date, keep your boyfriend/husband interested or just attract men in general- it is important to know tools that help make you an object of desire. Every woman has her own special energy and tools- some more than others, some less than others. It is not about how much you have though- it is about knowing your strongest areas and using them to achieve your goals in the dating/romance world. We all have certain features on ourselves that stand out most and it is these features we must accentuate. You must find tools that help bring out your natural beauty, rather than tools that cover up your naturalness and instead create a fake version of yourself. Men like to see what they are really getting, just as you want an honest display of the men you are interested in.

impressBe Well- Groomed

Everyone admires a person who is well put together and men are no exception. It is important to men that a woman is well groomed- a woman who looks well taken care of. You do not have to extremely high maintenance if that is not your style, but keep yourself clean and groomed

It's All in the Eyes

Your eyes are one of (if not the very) first a person will notice on you. Make your eyes irresistible by bringing out their natural beauty. Open up your eyes and make even more inviting by applying some mascara, even using a eyelash curler for an even more dramatic effect. You do not need much eye make up to create a You know you want me look. Just expand your lashes and give him a few bats that he will be sure to notice. Do not forget to also make as much eye contact as possible, without being overly aggressive. Give him looks that let him know that you are confident, but still bashful enough for him to want to take charge and chase after you!

Use Your Lip Power

Lips are one of the most power tools on a woman's body and a part that men are crazy smileabout. Put him under your spell by bringing out the seductiveness and beauty of your lips. Find a lip color that compliments your skin tone and top it off with some sweet gooey gloss that will arouse his curiosity and make him want to find out even more about you- and your lips! There are even lip plumping glosses that not only give your lips a sexy shine, but give them a slight plump, making your lips look fuller, creating even more of you to love and lust for! He will definitely be watching you while you talk, hanging to every word that comes out of your mouth.

Smile, Smile, Smile!

Nothing sets the mood better than a friendly vibe. Smiling make people feel welcome and comfortable, as well as create good energy that helps people connect. Smiling also naturally highlights your face, making you look more attractive and approachable. If men feel too intimidated, then they will not approach you as much and most likely will not ask you out on that second date, due to fear of rejection or because you gave off an unfriendly vibe that turned them off.

Don't Just Stand There Say Something!

The days of a woman just sitting there quietly and looking pretty are Over! Men want to hear what a woman has to say and find it very attractive when a woman voices her opinion and who knows how to keep a conversation flowing. Do not give him the wrong impression that you are dull or boring-speak up and let him know what you are all about (leaving a little mystery too of course!). Men want you to tell them what you want. You have both brains and beauty- so use them both to your advantage

Stay in Shape

No one is asking you to be perfect, since there is no such thing. Nor are you required to be supermodel thin in order to be desirable. But you should make your best efforts to keep yourself healthy and in shape. The most attractive people are people who love themselves- loving yourself first opens the door for others to admire and love you as well. People will see you the way you want to be seen. If you want to be seen as a healthy and fit person, then do things that keep you healthy and fit. Those in good shape also give people the impression that they have their life in order and are under control.


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