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The Art of Kissing

Learn the different types of kisses and the meanings behind them!

When we feel an intense romantic connection with someone, it is only natural that we will want to experience passionate kisses with him or her. What message are you sending out when you kiss someone romantically? Believe it or not, there are different types of kisses with different meanings and intentions behind them. You could be sending the wrong message without knowing and scaring your love interest away without even knowing it. Or you could be a kissing expert with great kissing experience and knowledge. How much do you know about the art of kissing? Read the different types below and learn what the meaning behind each kiss is, as well as the message each one sends out!


The Peck: The light peck is very casual and safe. A peck on the cheek says that while you do like the person as a person, you are not really sure about where you want things to go. A peck on the lips is a better sign romantically. It means that there is romantic interest and curiosity, but you do not want to rush into anything or move too fast.

Sweet & Soft Closed mouth Kisses: Mouths may be closed, but there is a lot of meaning behind them! Closed mouth kisses should be soft, slow and juicy. Take your time to explore each others lips and press your lips against each others for a couple of seconds before pulling away and starting again. Sweet closed mouth kisses send the message that you are very into your love interest and are ready to explore around and find out more about him or her, but do not want too move too fast and scare him/her.

Open mouth kiss with Tongue: The most passionate and sexual kisses involve the tongue. Kissing someone with an open mouth and entering your tongue in his/her mouth sends the message that you are strongly attracted to them and feel an intense lust-connection with him/her. Tongue or French kissing is very sexual and gives the idea that you want to become more intimate with a person


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