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Living Happily Ever After  

happily everWe all dream about growing old with the person we love and living happily ever after. The question is, is there such thing as happily ever after?

Yes! Living Happily Ever After is very possible if you just know how to keep your marriage in good health. One of the main secrets to being happy forever is to always remember why the two of you fell in love in the first place. Remembering the good qualities in each other will always give you a reason to keep going, respecting and loving one another. You should collect and cherish the memories you have experienced always continue to collect more. Your life together is supposed to be a wonderful loving and exciting journey, so make an effort to keep it that way.

Sure, things will not always be perfect as they are in fairytales, but being married is not about being perfect. When the two of you agreed to marry each other, you agreed to love, cherish, respect, listen, support and also to disagree. Disagreeing is part of being partners because although you decided to commit, you are still individuals with your own thoughts, beliefs and ideas. Though you may disagree, it is important that you respect each other's individuality and continue learning who your partner is. If you keep your communication clear, accept, support and agree to disagree, your relationship will live to be happily ever after.

Of course, honesty is always a big key to maintaining happiness in any marriage. If you cannot be honest about what you are thinking, feeling or doing, the marriage can never be 100% genuine because you would not be expressing your full self. Being honest can be scary sometimes, but as long as you know how to present your honesty, things will most likely always turn out okay. Just make sure your timing is appropriate and that you thought out what you will say before you say. Choosing your words is essential in order to prevent misunderstandings and unnecessary fights and arguments.

Being married is not just about the romance, but also about being partners. As partners you must take interest in each other's lives, such as careers and families. Not just showing interest, but contributing as well. You can contribute by being supportive and finding ways you can physically and mentally help your partner.

Although marriage is not all about romance, it does help keep the relationship exciting and new. Continue to go out on dates and share romantic experiences. By remembering to make romantic efforts, you will let each other know that you have not forgotten how beautiful and special they are. Everyone needs to feel beautiful and special!

Talking is another way to live happily ever after. Talk to your partner about things, start conversations. happy coupleRemember how the two of you could talk about anything and everything when you first met? Well, why stop? A lot of married couples tend to stop making conversation because they do not feel there is a need to. They just sit at home doing separate tasks, acknowledging each other's presence once in a while, but not really talking. Catch your spouse's interest by bringing up a topic you consider interesting or one you think they will enjoy talking about. Talk about the news, work, friends or whatever fits your taste.

Living Happily Ever After is a very realistic dream that can come true and stay true when you and your partner work as a team in keeping it that way. You will be able to grow old together and enjoy each other as you always have. Not only that, but your marriage will grow stronger and stronger, having you discover new levels of love you never thought existed.

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