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Lost Love Quotes

Lost Love Quote

Love is a great feeling, but only when you are in love and the person with whom you are in love is in love with you, otherwise, love can show the downside of giving a heartache and sadness that only those who have been in love and lost it know.

Lost love is enduring, actually it lasts longer than the feeling of love itself, it is like someone you connected with and the person broke the connection, but from your side it is still on, and that there is no answer is what is painful.

There are several quotes that would express exactly what lost love would be like, though it is better known by those who experience it, all those who would like to get the idea about it, here are the quotes:

‘It is better to have loves and lost than not to have loved at all.’ by Lord Alfred Tennyson. Love is second human nature, it is a wonderful feeling, so you should fall in love whenever and with whomever you like, and there are no restrictions in love. However, what is important is that you should fall in love at least once in your life; love has often known to change perceptions about life.

Another quote rightly mentions the path of love ‘Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a teardrop’. The quote signifies the path love generally ends up taking, love always begins as a look and a smile, in height of the affection there are tender feelings generally shown and expressed, however, in love it is difficult that these would last long, if love ends, there are a lot of tear drops and sadness, generally at both ends.

There is another quote, by Margaret Mitchell; she has very much expressed what love is like when it is at its height. And the best way to remember love is to remember it when it was sweet and forgiving. Love mended and joined and trying to keep hanging on love with a thread is no way to experience love. Therefore, when love is lost, instead of trying to rejuvenate it, only those feelings need frozen in memory that are pleasant and give ability of giving you pleasure of the feeling once you remember it as love. She quotes:
‘I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken and I rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken pieces as long as I live.

Once broken love can never be the same again, love cannot be mended, of course there can be distractions that can alter the course of love and when the love realizes its value people get together again. However, once love breaks, there cannot be anything like getting together again for people just because once up on a time there as love between them. The feeling of love would never be the same again.

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There are many paltry reasons why great love breaks, these reasons vary from ego hassles to not realizing the value of true love in time. It is so often seen that people end up hurting or ignoring the very people they love. Love is a feelings that needs to be nurtured with value and by putting great esteem in the feeling. The relationship will grow only for those who value each other and respect one another, unless that happens love cannot last long. This truth about love has been rightly expressed by Kahlil Gibran, who quotes love as ‘Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.’ Many times as the quote mentions lovers realize the value of their partners once they have lost them and that is just the time when we realize ‘if I would have valued her a little more, she would still be with me’.

Love is a passionate feeling, love has a combination of several things in one, at the beginning and when it is at its peak, there is no way love would remain the same again, sometimes love may diminish or would grow as time passes. However, there may be times that love that was so inviting and hot once may not be so anymore, in fact the emotions that ran high have run out all together baring nothing but coldness. Many times hotter the love affair, the end turns out to be equally cold. This is exactly quoted by Socrates, when he quotes ‘Hottest love has the coldest end.’

Lost love and its memories can last as long as we live, however, we do not lose the ability to love. Lost love in fact can teach us many things that we should have learned and we will probably value the new love and affection that comes our way. Love is an undying feeling that is bound to remain with us. Love is the feeling that makes each day valuable.



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