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Reading your Loverís Mixed Messages  

None of us are psychic and there is no way we can ever understand what our lovers are thinking and feeling unless they either tell us or we ask. With that fact pointed out, it is important that you understand that although you cannot read your partnerís mind, you can still read the messages they are trying to send out to you. The best way to understand your lover is to use direct communication, but sometimes there are certain reasons why you may feel that you are ready to bring something up just yet, which is why learning to read your partnerís mixed signals can be a useful tool in learning more about who they are and how they handle certain emotions. The following list contains the most common indirect signals that loverís send out and what they usually mean: message

The Silent Treatment. Do you sometimes ask your lover what is wrong or what is on their mind and they just respond with ďNothingĒ or change the subject? This is very common and usually means that your partner does indeed want to talk about what is bothering them, but is feeling unsure or afraid to bring it up, because they are afraid that you will not understand or take it as seriously as they feel about it. So when asking your lover what is wrong, make sure that you re-assure him or her that you are open and interested in understanding where they are coming from and whatever is important to them, is just as important to you.

When they donít Call. Does your partner tend to go for days without calling you, leaving you wondering what is going on and if you did something wrong to deserve such distant attitude? Donít start blaming yourself! Though your partnerís distant behavior could be based on something that took place between the two of you, chances are he or she just need some alone time to have some space to think about certain things by themselves. Remember, your lover is still an individual with the need for privacy, but if you feel there is more to it, then make the first move and call your lover and ask him/her what is going on and if there is anything you can do to help them figure things out.

Expressions of Discomfort. Does your lover often agree to everything you suggest or invite them to, but then seem to be uninterested or uncomfortable once they get there? Many people misinterpret this behavior as their lover being selfish and not caring to show interest in what you enjoy and consider important. Though this could be true depending on the history on your relationship, it is very common that lovers act this way because they do feel insecure about how much you value their opinions and feelings over certain things, so they just agree to everything instead of talking about what they think. So the next time to bring something up or make suggestions, really ask your lover what they feel about it, and re-assure him/her that their opinion will not change anything between the two of you.

These are the top 3 mixed messages that lovers send out to each other, but you feel that you are receiving other mixed messages from your lover and cannot figure it out, feel free to ask our experts HERE.

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