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Making up  

Getting back together after a fight or break up is always a wonderful feeling. The two of you apologized to each other, you kiss, and you hug and continue having a romantic relationship. When you do make up, it is important to remember some things:

Acknowledge the reasons for Making up. It is important not to just get caught up in the breath-taking make up session, but to remember why you had to make up in the first place -from a break up! Remember your reasons for fighting or and/or breaking up and talk to your lover about ways you can avoid the same conflict in the future. making up

Stick to Agreements. Once you and your partner made agreements of what changes will be made and how you will improve your relationship, stick to them! Many couples make agreements when they first make up but end up forgetting to continue with them and go back to the old pattern. If you do not respect and follow the new agreements, you will find yourselves arguing about the same issues all over again.

Don't use Sex as a Make Up Tool. Though it may feel fantastic to make up with sex, it should not become a habit. If you make love to smooth things out every time after a fight and breakup, you will find yourselves no longer being able to get turned on without having a conflict first, which is hazardous for the relationship.

Keep the Romance Hot. Make sure your romance stays exciting and hot throughout the relationship, not just when you kiss and makeup. If you continuously show your romantic interest in your partner and vice versa, the two of you will focus on the things you love about each other instead of the things you may dislike.

Stay Made Up. Stay made up by preventing a future break up. The best way to do this is to never stop communicating. If you talk about what you are feeling and ask your partner how she or he feels about certain things, then your relationship will remain open to new ways to improve it and keep it healthy.

If you are making up after a longer separation. . .

Take it one step at a time. Obviously the two of you agreed to get back together because you wish to give your relationship another chance. You both are willing to work at it, so do not feel the need to rush into things. None of you are going anywhere; you both are sticking by each other's side. Making up after a long separation is more sensitive, you are starting things up again and practically starting from scratch. Talk about what happened, why you broke up and why you both feel making up was the right decision. Go out on dates and get to know each other again. Do something romantic for one another as much as you can, to rekindle the feelings and reasons you fell in love in the first place. Always remember what caused you to separate in the first place and avoid getting into those situations again.

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