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How to Massage.

There is nothing more sexy and relaxing than giving and receiving massages. A perfect massage session all depends on the mood setting. Here are some tips you should consider when arranging a massage for your special someone: how to massage

The Perfect Scent. Selecting the scent is very important. You want oil that has a relaxing and pleasing smell to it. Avoid getting oils that have too much of an herbal medicine scent. Try purchasing oil with a mellow floral or fruit smell, but one that is not too over powering. You want your date or partner to feel dreamy, hypnotized and relaxed, not wide-awake!

Candlelight. Candles seem to have a romantic, sexy and mysterious effect in a room. You can either buy scented candles or unscented ones. Choose the ones you feel look best in the area you plan to perform your massage.

Soft Music. Nothing sets the massage moss better than some soft music playing in the background. If you do not already own some soft romantic music, then go out and purchase a cassette, record or CD with what you consider best to set the mood. If you are not an expert in romantic music, you can ask someone who works in the music store, or ask someone you trust. Remember not to play it too loudly. Just play it in a low volume. High enough to hear, but low enough to feel relaxed and for the two of you to talk.

Wine or Champagne. Be sure you have a bottle of cool wine or champagne in the area. If anything can help set the mood, it is wine and champagne. Not to mention that people love the feeling of being pampered. The two of you can take sips throughout the massage and make a relaxing and sexy evening of it!

It is important to pay attention to what your date or partner responds to. Start by gently rubbing his or her shoulders in a circular motion with your thumbs. You may then work your way down their back and go wherever else they wish you to and feel comfortable with. Always remember to ask them how it feels and if they would like you to do it in a certain way. By asking them, they will realize that you care about how it is making them feel, instead of just wanting to getting it over with and getting your way!

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