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Are you a Match or Mismatch?

Does he or she match you?

In order for your relationship to be long lasting and happy, you need to know the signs of whether you are a Match or Mismatch. To determine this, read the signs below:

Lifestyles. Both of your styles of living should be similar or at least adaptable. Tolerable is not good because it just creating a build up that will blow up later. Make sure you both share similar views on how the household should be arranged and when one will do certain things. (Example: when one will have computer time).

Social Circle. Share your opinions and thoughts about each other's social lives. It is important to know if your lover is uncomfortable with your friends or you going out without him or her. Come to an agreement of how much time you will both dedicate to your social circles. match

Emotional Levels. Take a look at what emotional level each of you is on. An emotional person needs a person who is just as expressive and in touch with their own emotions so that they can understand the other's and give them the emotional support they need. If a person is on the less sensitive side, they should partner up with a person who has a similar side. An emotional person who patches up with less sensitive person, will always or often feel like they are not cared for and that the less sensitive person may not really love them. The less sensitive person may also feel that other is too emotionally dependant and therefore feel smothered.

Sexual Doses. Observe your sexual routines and see who initiates and wants more sex. After figuring that out, find out if the person who initiates craves it less or just likes being pursued. If one of you desires sexual activity much more than the other, it will cause future conflicts and cause turn one off from the other, possibly leading them to having an affair.

Activities and Home Comfort. This is important to keep an eye on. You might do everything together at first, but as time goes by, really see if the two of you can relate in activities and home comfort views. If you both enjoy going out and doing different things or enjoy relaxing at home, then you are right track. If as a couple, however, you like staying home most of the time while your partner always wants to go out you are in for a lot of arguments, lonely time or a break up. Make sure you have an over all agreement on how you enjoy spending your time together.

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