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Waiting to have sex  

Poll Results: More people waiting to have sex!

With all the sexual temptations out there, it is hard to believe that more and more people are actually waiting to have sex. A recent Love-Sessions poll showed that many people believe that sex is something that should not be rushed in dating and believe they should have around three dates first before taking the next step and having sex with their romantic interest.waiting to have sex

This is no easy task, especially if there is a strong attraction between you and the person you are dating. Strong sexual chemistry is hard to ignore and deny and it takes real strength on both sides to wait before they roll into bed together. The reason more and more people are waiting before they have sex is because they want to really get to know someone a bit better before sharing such an intimate experience. As great as sex is, more people are concerned about building a genuine connection and relationship with someone, rather than just focusing on the fun of having hot sex.  After a few dates, if one feels that they have a strong enough connection with the person that they are dating with the potential to really go somewhere, they will then feel comfortable enough to open the window of sexual exploration and then see how they click sexually.

So in the end…

Two people must not only be attracted to each other, but blend and work well sexually. After all, a romantic relationship cannot survive on just good communication and a strong friendship alone- there must be passion as well. It is a package that must be complete in order for a couple to be happy. So sex is still a very important part of a relationship, but is just something the majority does not wish to jump into too quickly, as they do not want to risk building a real good connection just because they made sex the main focus too early.

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