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Engaging in a Basket

Either purchase a flower arrangement basket, a gift basket, or buy a basket and create your own arrangement! Once you have one of the suggested items above, place the box with the ring somewhere inside the basket, hidden. Include a card as well, with your thoughts and feelings concerning him or her. Be sure to include your proposal in it! You may then deliver the basket to your loverís work place or home, wherever you feel is best and most comfortable. It is important that you leave after delivering it though, so that he or she will have the time to admire the basket, search through it and find the ring box and read the card! The two of you will most likely speak to have other that same day and you can hear their answer!

Proposal in a Drawer

Choose a drawer that your partner often goes through, such as an underwear or sock drawer. The next time he or she is not around (if you live together), or the next time you visit their place, quickly go to the drawer without them catching you, and put the ring box in there, with a letter or card included that include your proposal. This is fun way to propose to your partner because they will just love the surprise when they open the drawer! They will remember you every time they open that particular drawer, for the rest of their life. Consider this proposal option to add an unforgettable memory in your partnerís mind.

Dinner Proposal

Make a reservation at you and your loverís favorite restaurant or find a restaurant with a very romantic theme and make a reservation. After you have your dinner, order dessert and feed it to your lover, make them feel extra special! Then, towards the end of the dessert, stop eating and feeding and tell him or her that you need to talk to them about something. Tell them it is something that has been on your mind and you need to tell them. This will fill them with curiosity and perhaps even worries. When they ask you what it is, tell them you have been thinking about him or her a lot lately and you cannot go on like this anymore. You need a change in this relationship, a change that turns into marriage1 Then take out the ring and propose!

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Pier Magic

Nothing helps set the mood better than the ocean and a pier that stands over it! Take your lover for an evening walk on a pier you find most beautiful. Treat them with some hot chocolate, coffee, ice cream, flower or what you think they will enjoy best. Have a nice talk together and really put some romance in motion with hugs and passionate kisses. Really express you love for him or her the best you can, with words and caresses. If you can, reach at a time when the sun is near setting and share the enchanting moments of it. Tell him or her how beautiful and loveable they are, and that your love for them grows more and more each day. Then ask them if they would do you the honor of becoming your spouse!

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