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Office Romance: Is it Ok?

Can you have a relationship with your co-worker?

We all have heard of flirting and attempted romances at the office. The question is: Is it ok? Will an office romance really work and lead somewhere, or will it turn out to be a fling and disaster? The answer is: It depends!

Not the answer you were expecting? Well, the truth is, it really does depend on the person you are thinking of having an office romance with. Do you want something serious from this person? If so, does the person feel the same way? If it is just a fling you are looking for, then an office romance is NOT ok! It will only make things awkward once the lust has worn out, making your working environment unpleasant. Just give yourself some time office affairand the infatuation will eventually wear off, just like all infatuations.

If you both agree that it is a serious relationship you want, then it can be ok, if you begin it all mildly. Start by meeting after work for some coffee or a drink somewhere. Try to have a conversation about anything besides work, to see if you really have things in common and have other things to talk about! Once you have figured that out, you may then take it to the next level. Go on a more official date, such as a nice dinner or doing some sort of activity. As you spend more and more time together, you will learn and see if the two of you truly are relationship material for each other.

Make an effort to build a friendship first. This is most important when attempting a romance with someone you work with! You may then do the whole romance bit. Hopefully, the both of you will be happy together and continue to build a strong and loving relationship after the lust and romancing stage, but if you do not, at least you will have the friendship that you formed when you started to get to know one another. The two of you can remain friends and there will be no hard feelings!

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