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Online and Regular Dating  

Online Dating and Regular Dating

Dating was always necessary in order for men and women to meet. Dating started in the olden times when parents wanted the engaged couple better acquainted with each other, since those were not the days an unwed couple could go out together. Dating therefore was meant to get the couple better acquainted with each other. This was regular dating back then.

Times have changed but the concept of dating did not change, regular dating has still remained very much in vogue, people still meet with each other, now it is to find whether they are compatible more than to get acquainted. Regular dating, however, has been surpassed by another form of dating called “Online Dating”.  This dating is done in cyberspace rather than coming together to meet in person. These dates take place in the virtual world. online regular dating

Regular dating requires you to meet your date wearing good clothes, looking good and attractive, and going out to a place for either snacks or dinner or a movie. All the above can be a bit taxing for those who are short on time for meeting people, or short on money for going out. Online dating can happen very comfortably. Firstly, there is no one watching you, you can be dressed as you are and most of the times your date will not bother to dress up either. Secondly, there is no reason to spend money, online dating turns out to be very economical.

With regular dating, dates meet up in a place, so there is physical presence of both in same location, for people who want to keep it discreet, this is not the most ideal thing to do, and therefore, regular dating loses out to online dating here. With online dating you do not require to meet in person, you can chat and even get romantic for hours, but you are not seen publicly, therefore secret remains a secret.

Regular dating was not ideal for those who were more interested in flirting rather than serious dating. Online dating gets an edge here, because people can indulge in one on one chat and dating with more numbers of people- more so than in regular dating.

Online dating serves as a good starting base where you just want to know the other person before you can meet him at a regular date. Online dating gives the advantage of knowing the next person by keeping quite some distance between both people. Online dating ensures personal safety therefore many term it as being safer than any other type of dating.

Online dating also gives an advantage of being able to stop whenever you want, therefore, ensures that your identity has been protected while dating. There are many who would like to keep their sexuality a secret.  Such people have turned to online dating; they can chat and find partners discreetly. It would be their choice if they want to meet someone they are dating online or would like to continue as it is.

Another factor why online dating is more popular than the regular dating is privacy. This is available in abundance in online dating. Ability to conceal actual identity and getting privacy is the cherry on cake.

Online dating gives people enough chances to stretch their imagination; a 60 year old can become 60 again and revisit the past and date a person much younger, she can show what they feel at heart rather than what they look like now. Online dating helps people become what they want to be - easily.

Regular dating has now become the next step after online dating. Finding a date through the online dating sites is a lot simpler than finding a date in person. Most of the people who start with regular dating are those who know each other quite well. Many online dating sites make special efforts to make couples; they hold regular socializing parties so that singles get to meet in casual settings, so that none have to go through the initial awkwardness.

Online dating has enabled several people to socialize online more than they would get to before. People having difficulty in interacting with others or with their dates can do so without inhibitions online.

The Internet has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, without the Internet there would not be any online dating, online dating takes over the regular form of dating fast. However, online dating cannot override the regular form of dating, though the online dating sites offer enough ways to express feelings, there is no alternative to feelings expressed by touch and actual presence of a person.

Online dating however, works as a firewall and lets you know the other person well before actually making advancement in a relationship. Online dating has helped many people come together physically after they met initially on the Internet.

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