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Finding Love Online and Making it Work

Meeting people online has become more and more popular. It is fun, easy and can be done patiently and conveniently from your own home. Searching for dates and relationships on the Internet can be more challenging than you think. There are things you should take note on and remember while looking for that special someone.

1. Introduction. You will come across a lot of people who will introduce themselves and express their eagerness in getting to know you better. Pay attention to your instincts and see whether or not you feel comfortable with him or her, keeping in mind that not everything they tell you is necessarily the whole truth. People tend to exaggerate or lie when chatting to others online. It can be scary and unfamiliar at first, but if you play smart and trust your feelings, you will be able to ditch the ones who are suspicious or boring and pick up someone who can be great company for you! Ask for professional love advice to better understand dating in cyberspace.

2. E-mail Exchange. After chatting and getting a sense of the other person's personality, you can exchange e-mail addresses and start getting to know each other more that way. Only through e-mail for the time being. It is the safest way to develop friendships and relationships in the beginning as your comfortableness and trust grows. Study their words when reading the e-mails and ask yourself whether you wish to continue getting to know them or not. Do not be afraid to ask him or her questions. If possible, have him or her to e-mail you a picture. You have to feel safe in order to move to the next step and never give your telephone number or address right away.

3. Telephone & Meeting. It is your choice of either giving them your telephone number before or after meeting online. If you decide to talk on the phone first, then have a few conversations before actually meeting. Listen to his or her voice and words and see if you feel safe enough to meet them in person. Ask whatever questions you feel should be answered and judge whether or not the answers are trustworthy. When it comes to finally meeting in person, you should always choose to meet in a public place and tell a friend or family member where you will be going. Your first meeting can either be just a casual meet where the two of you introduce yourselves and talk, or it can be a first date. You be the judge and choose.

4. First Date. Again, remember to always meet in a public place where there will a lot of people. The most suggestible places for first daters to meet are restaurants, movies and cafes. Not to mention you should meet at busy hours, like anytime between the afternoon and evening, but not too late in the evening. Drive yourself for the first few dates until he or she has earned your trust. Do not take him or her back to your place or show them where you work not yet. You will know when you feel ready to take that step.

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